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Prevent diabetes – Ask your Diabetologist

In Delhi the number of Diabetes cases is ever on increase. But the good thing about Diabetes is that it may be prevented. We would take the help of a prominent Diabetologist at Delhi on ways of preventing Diabetes.

What Happens in Diabetes?

In Diabetes the Glucose levels remain persistently high, Blood Glucose levels increase after food intake and are controlled by mobilizing the excess glucose to inside the cells of the body with the help of a hormone called Insulin. Insulin is made by the pancreas.

In Diabetes the pancreas stops making Insulin altogether or in sufficient quantities.

What are the Types of Diabetes?

Type -2 Diabetes Mellitus affects more than 95% of persons suffering from Diabetes - it’s the result of Insulin Resistance wherein pancreas produces Insulin but cells become resistant to its action and do not recognize it. Thus pancreas has to produce more and more of Insulin ultimately it fails and is unable to produce enough of it.

Type-1 Diabetes: The Beta cells in pancreas which secrete Insulin get destroyed due to some autoimmune process as a result no Insulin is secreted by the pancreas at all. Persons suffering from this type of Diabetes have to depend on lifelong external supplies of Insulin, in the form of injections; they just can’t survive without it.

Gestational Diabetes: this happens in pregnant women about 28 weeks of pregnancy, when there‘s a rise in blood glucose due to rising Insulin resistance in mothers body. It’s harmful even though it subsides with childbirth because caesarean delivery may be required and such children may be born with some congenital defects.

Who may develop Diabetes?

Type 2 Diabetes which is the most prevalent amongst the population has a genetic predisposition, it occurs more frequently in relatives of persons already suffering from Diabetes. But this does not mean that every person who has a family history of Diabetes would also develop Diabetes. There are certain conditions which may trigger or accelerate the development of Diabetes, these include:

• Obesity
• Excess weight
• Fast Foods - Diet rich in calories and refined Carbohydrates
• Sedentary Lifestyle- Lack of physical activity
• Low birth weight with sudden gain in weight after birth
• Malnutrition during childhood and subsequent weight gain due to over nutrition

These are some conditions that we are already aware of, there might be other conditions as well which may create an environment wherein the processes which lead to Diabetes are initiated and Diabetes triggered. Diabetologist in Delhi have been trying to create awareness in the local population about ways and means of preventing Diabetes.

How to prevent Diabetes?

Diabetes may not be preventable in Type 1 , where it is initiated due to poorly understood autoimmune processes. But Type 2 Diabetes may be prevented to a great extent. The following steps may be helpful for all, not only in preventing Diabetes but also other lifestyle diseases like Hypertension, Dyslipidaemia (Abnormal Cholesterol levels):

1) Regular consumption of green vegetables and fruits- these contain fibres, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants at the same time very little calories.
2) Increase intake of less processed foods- the lesser the processing of the food the better
3) Increase Physical activity- Try to find each and every moment where you could yourself be active, like
a. Climbing up- or downstairs- Instead of taking the lift
b. Going to the market by walk
c. Parking your car a bit farther to increase the walking distance
d. Getting up from the sofa to change TV Channels instead of using remote
Heeding to advice of the Diabetologist at Delhi and preventing Diabetes is of utmost importance, as this disease does not have any cure but drastic outcomes, if left uncontrolled.

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