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5 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Window Cleaning Robot

Cleaning windows, especially exterior windows, is one of the most disliked areas to clean in a home. To remedy this some manufacturers have created a window cleaning robot. Functionally, it is like the carpet cleaning robots that have been popular over the past decade. Since using robots to automatically clean windows is relatively new many people have difficulty comparing their options. Fortunately, a close look at five key factors make it easy to purchase the best window cleaning robot for any home or office.

The first feature to consider is the power source and battery life. Some models must be plugged into an electrical outlet which may limit their usefulness in some situations. For example, cleaning exterior windows could be difficult depending upon how close the outlet is to the window. Other window cleaning robots are battery powered. If this is the case, battery life becomes the important factor. While the length of operating time is important, it is more beneficial to focus on how many windows will be cleaned before the batteries need recharged.

The second factor to emphasizes the actual process. A window cleaning robot typically has cleaning pads or brushes to do the actual cleaning but the differences begin when looking at drying features. Some robots include a squeegee to minimize streaks. The number of brushes will also vary from one model to another.

How the window robot cleaning process is controlled should be considered as well. The two most common options are remote controls and automated cleaning, although some robots offer a combination of the two. The automation option should be considered essential as it is the underlying reason to purchase a window cleaning robot in the first place. An additional remote control is helpful at times as a supplement to the built-in automation.

A feature which should receive special attention is how well a window cleaning robot cleans the edges of a window. Many of the best robots do an excellent job cleaning most of the window but leave a small dirty line around the edges; however, there are a few models which offer true full-window capabilities.

The final issue to consider is overall ease of use. This comparison will vary from one person to next and largely depend on the number and size of the windows being cleaned. For example, some robots use suction to connect to the window while others use magnetic connectivity. Larger windows may cause problems for suction reliant window cleaning robots because they will have a safety cord in case the suction fails. The length of this cord can create limitations.

Selecting the right window cleaning robot for any home or office is easy if the right features and capabilities are the focal point of the decision-making process. The key is focusing on the power supply, cleaning process, method of control, edge cleaning, and ease of use.

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