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Top 5 Reasons To Go For Custom Business Android Application Development

The world is moving towards a mobile era. Every 7/10 people own a Smartphone, and each Smartphone has more than 1 mobile applications. These mobile applications have benefited many business pros with its additional features which make their job more quick by adding the flexibility. For example, a calendar app along with the appointment reminder functionality has made life of so many business professionals easy by ensuring they neither juggle to schedule an appointment nor forget the scheduled appointment and be there on time for a scheduled meeting. This is just an example. There are so many as such business applications available in the market and some of them must be getting used by your staff must be used. Here, you as a business owner or director can launch your own business app for your company's executives. This can be simply done by opting for Android application development. This article will share the top 5 reasons of why you should go for the custom business application development with Android.

All Required Functionality At One Place
In general scenarios, there are three different types of mobile applications available for business use.
1. Communication Applications such as emailing app, texting app, dialers for free calling, etc.
2. Utility Applications such as calendar, document, spreadsheet, calculator, etc.
3. Sharing Applications such as cloud storage via different applications like Google drive

The executives of any organization must be using more than one type of these mobile applications. By launching one business app for your own company, you can collect all different types of apps required by your executives and place it in one place for the use. Now, they won't need to switch from one application to another for their work. This will not only give them relaxation from switching in between apps, but will also aid in the concentration building. This can be a major contributor in the productivity improvement of your staff.

Complete Data Security
When you or your staff is using the 3rd party applications, you are unknowingly giving them the permission to use your data at the time of accepting the Terms and Conditions, which pops up at time of app installation. Business data are always sensitive and should stay in the company only. By going for business mobile app development and getting your own application, you will make sure all data put on the cloud by your employees will stay within the company only and no 3rd party will ever have access to it.

No Dependency, Complete Ownership
When you are using 3rd party mobile application you are making yourself dependent on the provider. You can and have to use the features offered by the app itself. In case, the application developer/owner decides to stop supporting the app or some of its features, you can't do anything. While with your own application you are free from any as such dependencies. You will get the source code of the app when you go for the mobile application development, this will empower you with the complete ownership of the business app.

Brand Benefits
Your own business mobile application will have your Brand elements including logo, theme, etc. This will give you the Brand benefits at whole which can work in favor of better business development.

Less Risk
When at the beginning of the article you have read Android application development for your business, you might have wondered, why not iOS or all platforms to be captured? Well, the reason behind this is if you are going to develop the business mobile application for the first time, then you are not aware about different criteria such as difficulty in adoption by staff, change of features, if required, etc. So it is always advisable to launch a mobile application in one platform first. As Android is most used platform almost in all countries except a few, you may start with the Android app development and if all goes well you can think about other platforms. This will reduce the risk at a greater level.

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