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An Overview Of The Hamster Ball

Hamster balls and water waking ball are for individual entertainment, not for hamsters. Do not put your hamster in the hamster ball.

No Water no Food

If your hamster decides that it's thirsty or hungry, there is nothing at all which it can do to meet that requirement. It could not get out without your permission and intervention.

There is absolutely no specified bathroom area

In case your hamster pees, it will be moving around in the strong, smelly liquid. Hamsters aren't like dogs, which have an affinity for moving around in smelly chemicals. Alternatively, hamsters value cleanliness; plus they even specify certain specific areas of the cages where to pee. If you feel that a hamster covered in pee is unpleasant, consider what the poor hamster considers the idea!

It really is Too Simple to Ignore that Your Hamster is inside

This is possibly one of the most common problems, and it leads to very ill or dead hamsters. Since it is very easy to forget that the hamster is there in the inflatable water park.

You may say that you only put the hamster inside the water trampoline when you clean the cage. However, if you are in the middle of cleaning the cage and you simply get a mobile call or called away to some other part of your house, what becomes of the hamster? You can find involved with another task which could keep going 20, 30, 60... 90... minutes. That is clearly a long time without water.

And imagine if you put the hamster in the ball sometimes apart from when you merely clean the cage. Again, if looking at the ball is not your main focus, then it is simple to turn your attention elsewhere. (That is even much more likely if a kid - who already has a brief attention span - puts the hamster inside.) If you store the hamster ball on the floor, you are most likely used to see it there then. So, later, you may not even notice the ball and your hamster inside. Or the ball is noticed by you, but that is whatever you see. You don’t see the hamster, which means you are unaware that the ball includes your valuable dog or cat.


Stairways and hamster balls are a deadly combination. Cats, dogs, or small kids might think the ball is a toy to them. Could you take your hamster out of his cage and throw it against a wall? Yet, that is actually what is going on to your hamster if the ball gets pressed, rolled, tossed, or kicked accidentally.

In case your hamster desires to get out, have a period of time, walk on level earth for some time, he can't.

Being in the dark closet

You might feel that it would be a lot of fun to roll around in a human-sized hamster ball. And though I've not done it, I bet I would bask it too.

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