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Tips for controlling Diabetes

What is Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition in which Blood Glucose levels are persistently raised. Diabetologists in Delhi and internationally as well have prescribed the following level s as

Why do we need to control Diabetes

Diabetes should be strictly controlled to avoid complications of Diabetes, such as Heart Attack, Stroke, Blindness, Kidney Failure, Foot Amputations, Neuropathy, Sexual problems in both men and women etc…

Go Green- Eat plenty of salads – raw uncooked vegetables before meals, this decreases the Glycemic index ( GI) of the meal and food is slowly absorbed thus preventing steep rise in Blood Sugar levels.

Eat plenty of Green vegetables and fruits, Sprouts, Salads- they have low GI , high fibre content and also provide with Vitamins and Minerals
Avoid Potatoes, Arvi, Foods rich in starches- Diabetes Specialist in Delhi advice north Indians to avoid these food items as they are much preferred in this region. Intake of these foods leads to high glucose levels and weight gain.

Avoid high glycemic Index foods like those made of Maida (refined wheat flour), this is also the main component of bakery items and most of the snacks and sweets.

Avoid Saturated fats like Butter, Desi Ghee,

Use Olive oil, Cannola oil or a mixture of Safflower and Mustard oils as these tend to be protective for heart. Cannola oil has the right ratio of Polyunsaturated and Monounsaturated fats which makes it the best protective oil for Diabetics and Heart patients, this is the reason it is recommended by Diabetologists. In Delhi majority of the population is from north India and they love fried foods, since diabetes is a major risk factor for Coronary Artery Disease every Diabetic should take adequate precautions and prevent Heart attacks and Stroke.

Use long grain rice like Basmati instead of round or short grain rice
Increase the use of Whole grains as they delay absorption of the starches present in them.

Avoid Smoking , take only moderate alcohol- Smoking increases the chances of Heart Attack and stroke by 2-4 time than the normal population, hence stringent abstinence from smoking and Tobacco use of any form is suggested.

Work more & Exercise

Increase your physical activity, Exercise daily- It can be any exercise either outdoor or Indoor- walking is the easiest and accessible to all exercise for30-45mins daily,

Start walking to the market or Metro / Bus station , Get from the couch and move around in the house, try climbing downstairs instead of taking the lift- All this increases our body’s Insulin Sensitivity and increases the effectiveness of the little Insulin that our Body is making.

Tests required in Diabetes

Frequently Check your Blood Sugar and Stay in Control as moderately high Sugar levels do not cause any symptoms

There are some essential tests in Diabetes which should be done at regular intervals- HbA1C- this gives an average of 2-3 months of Blood Sugar level
Micro Albumin- This urine test may be an early indicator of damage to the Kidneys.

Lipid Profile, Liver & Kidney Function also needs regular monitoring
Above all visit your Doctor regularly as Diabetes is a progressive disease, with time pancreas produce less and less insulin and constant changes in treatment may be required.

Insulin – the Diabetics best friend, if doctor advises you to take Insulin please do not be afraid and it is the safest medicine for Diabetes if used judiciously.

So Stay in Control and lead a Healthy and joyful life even with Diabetes.
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Contributed by Sr. Diabetologist in Delhi
Dr Rajesh Kesari
Director & Consultant Diabetologist- Total Care Control- Diabetes Care Centre
Ph:011 22710663, 999764447

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