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14 Easy Weekend Decorating Ideas

Staring at the same four walls can get a little old. Still, you work hard so you don’t have a lot of free time to work on improving your home’s look. If this sounds like you, good news! There are lots of simple ways that you can give your home a refreshing new look during the weekend. Using any of these ideas, once in awhile, will give you most of your weekend to relax, while making your home just a little more elegant.

1. Install a paneled wall. A paneled accent wall isn’t expensive, or time-consuming. And it will create a dramatic backdrop in any room of your home!

2. Paint furniture. Use patterns for texture or just give a dresser a new look with a fresh coat of paint.

3. Turn mason jars into décor. Use a mason jar as a soap dispenser, candle holder, vase, or anything else. Mason jars create an instant country-inspired look to the home, and you probably have a few just laying around.

4. Take a class. Sometimes the simplest projects take a little know-how. Take a weekend class with friends or family to learn things like string art or cross stitching that you can use on a few DIY decorating projects.

5. Create some shades. You can turn an old globe into a new lighting fixture, or glue a few paint sticks together to create a new overhead lamp shade.

6. Dish art. Have some dishes you don’t use anymore? Dishes can make surprisingly good artwork when arranged on a wall in a scattered pattern. Use some paint to create the look you want. This might also be a fun project if you have kids.

7. Group wood. Shop garage sales, thrift stores, or use what you have. Take wood objects of different shapes and looks and apply whitewash paint to each piece to make them look uniform. The perfect rustic look!

8. Re-grout tiles. It’s not the most fun job in the world. But applying some new grout to the tiles in your home can help them last longer and upgrade your home’s appeal.

9. Create mini domes. Snowglobes are popular in the winter and you can use their inspiration to create mini domes with your favorite figurines. Use a vase or long glass you don’t need placed over a figure or accent of your choice.

10. Paper quilt. Use scraps of paper to create artwork that looks like a comfy quilt!

11. Use a rolling cart. Rolling carts are a great addition to the home. They can be use to create your own little mini coffee cafe, or in the bathroom to store your beauty products.

12. Paint flower pots. Give those old pots new life with a simple touch of paint. Use patterns to create funky color combos.

13. Get creative with crates. An old crate creates that rustic appeal people crave. They can be used to store umbrellas, or as a toy chest.

14. Stick wall decals. Wall decals sound like they will ruin your walls, but they actually have a lot of elegant options. If you don’t want to repaint and need more texture in the home wall decals are the perfect option.

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