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Top Things to Know About the Easter Island Tourism

Rapa Nui or Easter Island is known as the volcanic island, which is famous for its human faced statues- moai and natural settings. On this island, you will get an opportunity to indulge in many exciting things that will make your trip a memorable and remarkable one.

In all over the world, Easter Island or Rapa Nui is famous for its mysterious background and the Moai statues. Apart from this there are many things, which attracts every bag packers and travel enthusiast to explore the Rapa Nui. Rated as one of the most and the best destinations in the world- the Easter Island boasts of some impressive things, which boosts its tourism.

Here is the list of the top rated things that plays an important role in boosting the tourism of Easter Island:

1. Volcanoes: The Easter Island consists of four volcanoes like:

Rano Raraku: This is a unique place where it is believed that hundreds of sculptors and artists worked to produce giant statues of volcanic stone. Today this volcanic site is accessible by the visitors who can walk through the external and internal slopes of the Rano Raraku as well as also can contemplate several tens of these impressive moai statues.

Rano Kau: This is a crater lake and is considered to be one of the island’s natural fresh water bodies. The Rano Kau is located in the world heritage site of Rapa Nui National Park.

Terevaka: One of the highest points of the island-the Mauga Terevaka, which emerged about 250000 years ago. The Terevaka is 511m high and is surrounded by the Maunga Puka and the Maunga Kuma.

The Poke: This site is located to the east of Rapa Nui, which is crowned by the Maunga Pua Ka Tiki. The Poike is an eroded mountain, which is 370 m high and is considered to be the unique volcanic structure.

2. Wonderful Beaches: Beach lovers will love to spend a quality time in one of the exquisite beaches in Easter Island, which are like:

Anakena Beach: If you want to walk along the soft white sandy beaches, then visiting the Anakena Beach will prove to be the best choice. This beautiful beach is surrounded by a lush coconut tree forest. On the weekends (between the months of December to March) the Anakena Beach is found to be crowded with locals and visitors. Here it is a common sight to find some hut and salesman offering pies (banana cake), beverages and snacks.

Ovahe Beach: This is another unspoilt beach delight, which is a gorgeous place to get some tan. Located at the foot of a volcanic cliff, the Ovahe is a small beach, which is less frequented than Anakena but proves to be a great beach retreat. Be cautious while visiting this beach, as there is some danger of falling rocks.

Pea Beach: This is a tiny beach at Playa Pea, which is on the south side of Caleta Hanga Roa.

3. The Moais: The moais are the giant monolithic statues, which are very popular among every tourist visiting the Easter Island. Also known as the Easter Island Heads are scattered all around the Rapa Nui Island. Many researchers believe that the moais represents the chiefs or other important male figures having an impactful position in the history of Easter Island. The best thing to witness is that each statue is different from the others and has distinctive features. The Rano Raraku volcano is the best place to witness a huge number of moais.


There are many aspects of Easter Island Tourism, which you can explore by relying on a trustworthy and competent tour operator. With a reliable tour operator, you will get an opportunity to visit Easter Island in a safe and convenient way to enjoy memorable and exciting travel experience.

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