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Salted Cucumbers And Tomatoes. Recipe From Rare Soviet Cookbook 'Cooking'

Salted cucumbers, doubtless, one of the most popular appetizers in the USSR. It is available, easy and delicious. That's cucumbers are very good with vodka and rye bread.

Salted cucumbers
For small pickling cucumbers per 10 l of water take 600 g of salt, for salting large — 700 g. Per 100 kg of cucumbers put 3 kg of dill, 0.5 kg of horseradish (root), 0.3 kg of garlic, 50 g fresh green bitter pepper, 0,5 kg tarragon.

For saltling cucumbers initially sorted, throwing overripe and damaged or irregularly shaped cucumbers. Selected cucumbers sorted by size. It recommended each batch (small, large, medium) salt in a separate container. Thereafter, cucumber wash and prepare spices - fennel and tarragon, horseradish (root), garlic, green bitter pepper, peel them and cut into pieces about 5 cm long.
On the bottom of the well steamed and washed the barrels, with a capacity of approximately 100 liters, put a layer of mixed spices and then the cucumbers as tightly as possible, preferably in a vertical position. In the middle of the barrel to put a second layer of spices and filling barrels of cucumbers to cover the third layer of spice.
Barrel close the upper bottom. Then drill a hole through which to pour the brine, and then close the hole wooden cork. If the cucumber for fermentation and storage shall be left in place salting, instead of capping put on top of a wooden circle with a small load.
During fermentation turns the natural decline of cucumbers in the amount of 6% by weight of fresh cucumber. For storage of pickles best temperature is 0-3 .
In the non-refrigerated storage cucumber fermentation ends in 30 days and refrigerated - in 50-60 days.

Salted tomatoes
To prepare the brine for pouring brown and green tomatoes for every 10 liters of water (depending on their size) taken from 700 to 800 grams of salt and to fill the red tomatoes take 800- 1000 g of salt. Spices per 100 kg tomatoes: 1.5 kg dill, 1 kg black currant leaves, 0.5 kg horseradish leaves.

For salting tomatoes can take a different stage of maturity: green, brown, red. Top quality tomatoes are obtained by salting them in the stage of lactic ripeness and brown tomatoes.
Salting green and brown tomatoes with the addition of spices (fennel, cayenne pepper, black currant leaf and horseradish), and ripe tomatoes - without spices. Before salting the tomatoes must be sorted not only according to their degree of maturity, but also in size, and each grade salting, as much as possible, in a separate container.
When sorting the tomatoes to remove the stalk, then wash and put in a tight and well-washed steamed barrel. At the bottom of the barrel and the middle layer of tomatoes, as well as the top lay a mixture of spices. If the barrels to store tomatoes you want to move to the basement or another location, then it is necessary to continue to act, as stated above.


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