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How To Choose A Quality Sofa At A Budget Price

Investing in a good quality sofa is a major decision that a family makes. Therefore, you need to ensure that you get the best sofa the money can buy. A quality need not be very expensive, there are many furniture stores such as Mio Divano who customize the sofa as per your requirements at a very affordable costs. However, you need to take into account a few factors before purchasing for a sofa.

•Check out the pattern - Before zeroing in on a sofa that you wish to buy, stand at a distance from the sofa and check out the pattern.

a. Is the pattern on the back of the sofa and cushion one and same?
b. Is the pattern on the cushions matching with the patterns on the skirt of the sofa?
c. If it’s a stripped pattern, are the stripes aligned at the edges?

These are the pointers that mark the quality of the construction of a sofa. Re-think on the purchase of your sofa if you don't affirmative answers to your queries.

•Look at the edges - Check whether the trimmings on the edges are straight. See if the cording is fitting straight and flat, or are curving near the edges. If you find a shoddy workmanship avoid picking up the sofa.

•Check out the cushions – The cushions may look sleek and good when it is inside the cushion cover. Remove from the cover and check whether the edges are stitched properly. Is the foam well wrapped? Is there an extra padding and so on?

•Padding of the sofa - Ensure that the entire surface of the sofa is well covered and padded. The reason is if not padded properly, the upholstery will wear against the wood. The wood under the seat cushions should never be exposed unless it’s a part of the design.

•Feel the springs - You should ask about the springs used in the sofa. There are spring constructions that are less expensive as well comfortable and supportive. If the cushions are supported by a mesh, avoid such sofas.

•Decide whether you want a skirted or un-skirted sofa - In a small space, it’s wise to go for un-skirted sofa that will make the room look bigger. The reason is it allows the light to pass under the sofa.

•Check the quality and construction of the legs - See if the legs are sturdy. Also if they are attached properly. Also enquire about the material used.

Once you are satisfied with the answers of the queries that you put forward to the sales representative, loosen your purse strings and purchase the sofas.


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