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Things to Know about SCADA

SCADA is the abbreviation for Supervisory control and data acquisition. It is a simple system for monitoring the coded signals over the communication channels. The data system is combined with data acquisition by adding the coded signals over the channels to acquire the information about the status of the remote display. It is a type of system which helps in monitoring the processes of the physical world. The SCADA systems are generally large scale organizations with multiple sites and huge distances between them.

What is web SCADA?

The WEB SCADA offers fast and simple development as full functional solution with drivers providing high performance and there is also no need to know about the HTML or CSS3. It is generally developed based on web technologies. This advanced technology helps us in viewing the entire mimic in all browsers across all devices and platforms. This is unlike other SCADA which have a pre-requisite to install a number of applications.

Division of a SCADA system

The SCADA system is generally divided into many sub-systems like the RTU known as the Remote Terminal Units which is used for connecting different sensors and convert signals to digital data. RTUs also have embedded system to accomplish Boolean logic operations. Another part is the PLC known as the Programmable Logic Controller which is used to connect to the sensors in the process and convert the signal data to digital data. PLCs are more often used because they are more economical and flexible unlike the RTUs.

A system which connects the PLCs to the control centers are known as telemetry system. The WAN circuits and telephone lines are some of the examples of these systems. Radio and satellites are some examples of the wireless telemetry services. A HMI SCADA is the apparatus which helps in the communication between the human and the processes. The HMI is basically a client who request data from the server or it can be called the interface between the machine and the processes.

Things to know about the HMI

The HMI is a major part of the SCADA system. It is device through which the processes are controlled by human. They are linked to the databases and are needed to provide data and information like the guidelines or the maintenance procedures.

The HMI processes and provides data to the human in a graphical way. This means the user is able to see a schematic representation of the plant. The operation being processed by each machine is virtually shown to the human operator. The HMI includes a program that the operator uses to change the points as how they are represented. They can be very simple as the traffic light or can be very complex as a multi projector display.

An important implementation of SCADA is the handling of the alarm, the system detects whether certain conditions are satisfied, to determine when an alarming event has occurred or not. The actions are needed to be taken if an alarm has been raised. Alarm is explicit conditions or might be implicit condition. The SCADA system might automatically monitor whether it is in risk zone or not. While the designing of SCADA system utmost care is taken when a cascade of alarming events take place in a short span of time.


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