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Fighting Diabetes- Improving Lives

Diabetes is a chronic disease affecting millions of persons across the world, recently WHO commemorated the World Health Day with special focus on Diabetes, prevention and detection, Slogan of this day was “Beat Diabetes”- all over the world events were organized to highlight the complications of uncontrolled Diabetes, the importance of controlling Diabetes and preventing it from occurring in future generations. In the world Diabetes Report released on that day it was highlighted that more than 445 million known Diabetics exist in this world- almost every 8th living Adult in this world is suffering from Diabetes. It is well known from previous studies that for every known Diabetic there is at least one undiagnosed person suffering from Diabetes. The prevalence of prediabetes is almost 3 times that of Diabetes. These figures underpin the enormity of the situation and prompt us to act swiftly in controlling and preventing the escalation further.

We all know that an approach aimed at preventing any disease is the best. Diabetologist in Delhi and the world over also feel the same. Diabetes is caused due to insufficient Insulin secretion by the pancreas. Beta cells present in our pancreas secrete Insulin, whatever may be the reason, there is a steadily decline of the beta cells in the pancreas of diabetic patients, the rate of decline may differ in all patients but it is seen in all diabetics. As the number of Beta cells decrease the other existing cells go into an overdrive to produce Insulin, but ultimately they also fail and are no longer able to compensate for the steady decline in the mass of Beta cells. By the time a person is detected with diabetes- it is estimated that he or she has already lost more than 50% of the Beta cell reserve.So if we are able to diagnose diabetes early we may be able to save the remaining beta cells and delay the progress of Diabetes and hence its complications as well.

Such an approach for treatment and prevention of Diabetes would be the best. Diabetes specialist in Delhi Dr Rajesh Kesari regularly organizes awareness events and camps. Total Care Control is a Diabetes Care Centre which organizes Diabetes camps which enable early detection of Diabetes and help persons already suffering from Diabetes in controlling their Blood Sugar levels.

Counselling and lifestyle modification form the cornerstone of Diabetic treatments, In Delhi Total Care Control-provides a structured approach in treatment of Diabetes to all its patients. It consists of counselling, Investigations and finally medical consultation. Most commonly required facilities for diagnosis and treatment of Diabetes are available under one roof for all Diabetic patients. Services are offered at a reasonable and affordable price- and discounts offered as well. All Diabetes medications are provided at a flat discount of 15% to all the patients.

Another initiative that has been taken by Total Care Control has been to create awareness about Diabetes in the school children-teachers and parents of the pupils. This would have far reaching impact on the future health of the children and be beneficial for the society as well.

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