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Customized Wild Life Vacations :Watching Butterfly In Armenia

Armenia is an inland country in the Caucasus, Where Asia and Europe meet, with a fascinating and long history, and a wide array of home grounds that support more than 230 species of butterfly.

Armenia is the leading destination for a customized wild life vacation. Right from semi-desert to alpine meadows to flower covered steppe, and more, the landscape of Armenia provides an assorted visit and it is quite possible that you will witness at least 80 species in a week under expert guidance, during your Armenia tour package.


Yerevan is the capital of Armenia, a city with a rich history that stretches back to the 8th century BCE and the foundation of the fortress Erebuni by King Argishti. The city makes a good starting point for a Yerevan excursion, as it gives visitors an opportunity to learn about the cultural history of the country, and, more importantly, go on excursions to the nearby semi-desert and steppe habitats around Gaghadir and Hatsavan to start searching for butterflies. The waterways in these arid areas and are incredible place to look, as thousands of mudpuddling blue and white butterflies include the Dawn Clouded Yellow, Southern Swallowtail, Persian Fritillary, Persian Skipper and Satyrium ledereri.

Another excursion to consider on a customized wildlife holiday itinerary is Gharni, where basalt columns have been carved out in a gorge by the Goght River. The rich habitation is home to Jerusalem and Marble Skipper and Short-tailed Blue, Esper’s Marbled White, Caucasian Lesser Spotted Fritillaries.

Eastern Armenia

Eastern Viaggi Armenia has its own set of habitats to be explored, including rocky slopes, moist meadows, Forest State Reserve, and oak forests in the Khorsov Forest State Reserve. Butterfly species that can be seen include Pogges Skipper, Chelmos Blue, Agri Blue, and Oriental Meadow Brown, Amasian satyr, Polyommatus surakovi and Lysandra corydoniu.


A regional capital in the north of Armenia, Gyumri is a lovely city with many buildings dating back to the 19th and 18th centuries and a cultural treat on a customized wild life vacation. After admiring the architecture, it will be time to ascend Armenia’s highest mountain, Mount Aragats. On its rocky slopes and sub-alpine meadows, lepidopterophilles may look for the clouded yellow Colias chlorocoma, the high altitude Mountain Apollo, Apollo, Copper subspecies armeniaca, Pyrgus Jupei etc.


North of Yerevan is the spa city of Dilijan, which is surrounded by lovely forests. The Archakut Beech Forest and its meadows full of flowers is the draw here. They are home to various butterflies, the enticing emperor butterfly Thaleropis ionia, Hungarian Glider, Southern White Admiral, Great Branded Grayling, Eastern Wood White, and the hairstreak Satyrium abdominal and more.

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