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6 Major Factors which affects the Cost of Mobile App Development

It’s a well known fact which no one can deny that mobility is more important than ever. Apps will not only increase the sales and growth of a Company, it is a powerful driver of traffic as well.

However, Mobile App Development is an expensive approach for branding and increasing sales and that’s the main reason why Companies have to think twice before jumping into the mobile App Market. The price is the main concern for any business owner as the final decision is depends on their budget. And cost is something like which varies and widely depending on customer’s requirement, hourly or fixed cost rate of Mobile App Developer. The business owner has to take budget in mind and has to decide cost effective way of developing an App.

There are lots of factors that influence cost of an App, but the main ones are:

1.Native or Web App :
There is a very thin line between these two. So you have to understand what native Apsps is.

“A native application (native app) is an application program that has been developed for use on a particular platform or device. Because native apps are written for a specific platform, they can interact with and take advantage of operating system features and other software that is typically installed on that platform.”

While web apps are not dependent on any operating System. Web Apps are cheaper than Native Apps but result of native App is far better than web Apps.

2. Operating System:Developing an App for internal team or users is less expensive because you are having full control on devices on which Apps are running. But if your App is going to downloaded by global users than you have to be more cautious, so that your App should run properly on every single device.

3. Complexity of Apps: It’s the main factor for deciding mobile App cost.In custom mobile App development there are various things which decide the cost like how many screens requires, how many buttons requires, how many fields etc.
For developing a successful App it’s important to understand the business flow. Apart from this goal of App should be streamlined properly. We will suggest to do some research with your competitors App, so that you can offer something unique to customers.

4. Integration with enterprise system: Its totally depends on you whether you want to integrate App with any enterprise system or not. If you want to go for standalone App then obviously it will be lesser expensive. Your organization's enterprise architects can advise you better on this whether the integration requirements for supporting a mobile app and whether your infrastructure is mature enough to support it. 

5. Add-ons for App: For generating traffic, you must require add-ons like social media integration.In this case, App cost will increase and it affects your custom App Development costing.

6. Support for an App: If you are thinking mobile development process end after deployment, then you are wrong. For making your App successful you have to retain development team for a period after deployment so they can solve negative feedback as soon as possible.
For retaining customers, you need prompt response to feedback channels.

Mobile app development is a best way to create and increase business value by improving productivity, driving sales and traffic, and increasing brand awareness.We have best Mobile App Developers in our development team who can understand the cost factors in designing and App development process.

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