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3 Running Shoes For Overpronators

What is overpronation?
When running, our feet are subjected to shock from hitting on the ground. The shock must be equally distributed and dissipated as much as possible to minimize stress.

Pronation is the process of our feet rolling inward on contact to the ground. It is a natural way our lower legs deal with shock from landing.

Overpronation, like the name suggests, is pronating too much. It means that your foot is rolling way too inward than the ideal amount. Some pronate more while some less. For the purpose of this article we will talk about overpronation and list 5 shoes that would help you to prevent it.
How to check If you are over-pronation?
Take a wet test:
Simply wet your feet. Make sure the bottom of your feet, the skin that touches the ground usually is completely wet. The arch, however, must be dry.
Now place your feet on a brown paper so that you can see your footprints. The answer lies in the print.
Look at the shape of the print. If you see a normal arch, your pronation is normal. If your feet make a low arch - you are over pronating.
Note: Stand straight and tall when you are doing step 1 and 2. In step 3, feel free to stand as you like, it’s just looking down on the paper.
How to prevent it?
In over pronation, a runner’s larger toes tend to take most of the shock which can lead to ankle joint stress or worse - injuries.
One great way to prevent this is to use specially designed shoes to correct your pronation. Runners can use these shoes that provide extra stability. Shoe manufacturers design few shoes especially for this purpose, and these shoes generally have enough support to provide making your pronation stable and ideal.
Running Shoes for Overpronators
We looked into a wide variety of ASICS shoes and put together a list of 3 shoes that are designed to correct your over pronation.

ASICS Gel-Kayano 22 Grey/Silver/Lime
ASICS Gt-1000 4 Men Running Shoes
ASICS Gt-1000 4 - Mosaic Blue, Blk & Flash Coral - Running Shoes
Hope you find these shoes helpful and correct your pronation. They should, they are designed for that purpose, right?

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