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Giving Hand In Children Education

Learning is the lifeblood of a fruitful career. For overall development of man, education is necessary. The key to effective studying isn’t cramming or studying for long hours, but it is studying smarter. The success of a student depends on the steps of teachers and parents. It depends on whether they encourage the students to reflect their own learning. Everyone wants to be successful in his or her field, and the key to success is, passion, talent and practice, all of which is needed by the student for achieving his goal.

Practicing is not the thing that student do once they are good, it is the thing students do that makes them good.

The role of parents and mentor is very important. The student who is studying in the higher classes might be able to manage their time and utilize best of it. But they also need a little guidance in something or the other. Now think about the student who is studying in middle school. Middle school students always need the extra attention in all aspect.

Here are some tips that are helpful to design good study plan.
Concoct a story – We still remember the stories told to us in our childhood. Don’t you think that is amazing? Well, same is the case with studies too, if you make a story out of the text or study material then it will be much easier for you to remember it. So, instead of looking at your book as a boring pile of text, turn that information into an interesting story with details that can help you etch it in your brain. Moreover, it will be great fun and lower your stress levels.

Encourage the child to read: - Reading is the key to lifelong learning. Creating learning habit to a child is the single most important thing that helps the child to succeed in school and in life. The importance of reading simply can’t be overstated. Good reading skills help students in all school subjects as well as other extra-curricular activity. Make sure that your home has lots of reading material that are appropriate for your child.

Have a special place for a child to study: A study place does not have to be fancy. A desk in his/her bedroom is nice, but for many children, the roof of the home, or a corner fairly quiet, helps in their learning. Providing a place of their own choice and giving all the resources that they need, helps children to do better in their middle school.

Develop a Study Plan: Fixing a regular time for homework helps students to finish assignments. Children need to know when a test will take place, the types of questions that will be included and the topics that will be covered. Create a study plan and allow ample time to prepare – it is not a good idea to resort to cramming the night before an exam. The study material and the cbse study material for math provided by the board help in preparing well for the test and exams. You can also help by buying a wall calendar and asking him or her to assign topics and tasks for each day leading up to a due date or exam. Setting goals for each session is also the key to success.


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