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How To Make Use Of Shoe Size Chart

Shoes are undoubtedly the most important piece of equipment a runner should possess. It is quite important that you give enough support to your feet as they are subjected to stress from your body weight and shocks from landing on the ground. With the right shoes, your running session would become a pleasure. And what makes the shoes the ‘right’ pair for you? The Fit.

In this article we will discuss one important factor that determines the fit of your shoe - Size.

Shoe manufacturers have started to use standard measurements. However, each manufacturer uses a different ‘last’ (mould that mimics shape of the foot) to make shoes, and hence, the size may slightly vary from brand to brand.

That said, we would suggest you to buy shoes that are inch bigger than your actual feet length.

How does the size work? Everything is in the length. Length of your feet. Simply measure your feet’s length using a ruler or the Brannock Device, record or keep in mind the measurement in inches; and match it across various standards to find your size.

Making Use of Size Charts

There are many online shoe size charts you could refer to. Here is one that we found that could be very useful.


In the charts you see UK, US, Euro. Let’s learn a little about them for a better understanding. These are the standards that manufacturers use to make shoes across the world. And world is a big place, hence different standards. However, the chart can be used to know your shoe size no matter what country or region you live in. All that matters is the length of your feet. Then simply match it.

For example: A 6 US size is 4 in UK standard for women. But that 6 US is 5.5 UK for men’s shoes. 9.25” makes a US 6 (UK 5.5) for men whereas 8.875 inches makes a 6 US and 4 UK for women.

Note: ” symbol when followed by a digit means inches.

A conversion formula is used to convert your foot length in inches to say UK size, or US. You don’t have to worry about the conversion, these charts do it for you.

Sizes vary from men to women’s shoes; young boys or toddlers.

If you still aren’t sure about the size, don’t hesitate to look up some expert advice. We care for your comfort. And remember, there can be nothing better than a comfortable pair of running shoes!

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