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5 Compound Exercises For A Whole Body Workout

Exercising is great. It feels and is great. It not only keeps you fit but also is an effective way to stay healthy and even keep your mental health in check.

Compound exercises work a number of major muscle groups and many minor muscles packing a lot of goodness in short compact packets. Doing compounds is a great way to work many muscles and joints in a single session. These exercises are staple routines for athletes of almost all sports, especially muscle building. Muscle building is a whole body response and isn’t simply a single muscle specific. Hence, for a complete workout - do compounds. Because, what better way to stay fit than to do compounds?

In this article we will talk about 5 such compound exercise routines (mostly using a barbell), you can do for a whole body workout.
1. Deadlift
Deadlifts works more muscles than any other workout. That makes it one of the best compound exercises ever! Not just the muscles in your lower back, hips and quads, these exercises work other major muscle groups all over the body too.

If you are in a hurry and you have time to do only one exercise, deadlift is your go-to routine.

Add more weight on the barbell if the current weight seems comfortably easy. You won’t build muscle if you don’t step out of your comfort zone and push your limits.
2. Squat
Squats are one of the loved compound exercises of all time. Did you know that quads are the largest muscles in the whole body? Squatting helps work those muscles. A good squat routine will help you boost your testosterone level and build muscle faster. It is a simple yet effective way to work the whole of your leg.

Hold a barbell over your shoulder while squatting and that’s one an awesome leg day!
3. Bench press
Bench press is a superb way to build your chest muscles and also your arms. This movement works your chest and triceps majorly and other minor muscles too.
4. Pull up
Pull up is a staple exercise for those who want to improve their upper body in a wholesome way. Chest, biceps and back muscles are the major muscle groups that go under strain when doing a pull up. In addition to these groups, number of minor muscle groups are worked too including your deltoids. It is a simple yet a great way to build muscle in your upper body.
5. Push up
Push ups, like pull ups, uses bodyweight mostly. A variation of push ups can be done in order to develop wholesome chest muscles and triceps. And it doesn’t require any fancy equipment, not even a barbell. Just you and your will to do it.

To up the challenge, you can ask a helping hand to place free weight on your back.
These were 5 compound exercises, 3 of which requires a barbell, the other 2 doesn’t. You can do a number of variations. Experiment and see what works best for you!

Here’s some free weight-plates you might like.

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