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Shattering Stereotypes About Women

Being a patriarchal society, Indian society has its roots firmly dug into the times gone by: when women were expected to jump into the burning pyres of their husbands, when young girls were married off, when women weren’t allowed to go out of the house much less live an independent life. But all of that has gone and now lost in the sands of time, leaving only a flimsy shadow of the oppression, but one which is still unfair to the women of today. The modern ramifications of oppressing women of the past is still dragging many a society behind, with the most extreme situations posing serious threats to the free-will of women, but a new age is upon is and one that guarantees equality. Issues faced by women, and in turn women empowerment is a powerful movement with a firm hold on the modern Indian ideals. Many media platforms, channels, public forums etc. are taking up the cause with fervent excitement and it seems that soon the last chains of the patriarchal past of India will be soon left behind, making way for a modern society based on equality.

Anouk by Myntra, is a one such brand which focuses its campaigns on empowered women of today through campaigns such as the ‘Bold is beautiful’. Taking up several issues faced by the modern Indian women in regard to equality, Anouk creates advertisements which invoke the feelings of modernity that are in a way still grounded in the Indian society. With the aim to reach as many women as possible with their messages of women empowerment, Anouk attracts its customers by genuinely appealing to the side of them that has been oppressed, or has seen oppression happening to other women they know. Such oppression is not always direct: sometimes it comes hidden behind the plaintive requests of one’s spouse such as a husband wanting her wife to quit her job because of his convenience. Or a woman being told what she can and cannot wear. It is still a widely practiced form of oppression that women in rural areas are never sent to school for education and are married off quickly, sometimes even before they are legally allowed to wed.

Women empowerment is a movement that has a long way to go before it can stand triumphant in the Indian soil, as many of the women in our country remain illiterate, but with the coming of the ‘digital age’ many platforms were created for the public voice to be amplified. Anouk offers a variety of apparel in the ethnic wear section, but not just for the housewives. The Anouk collection concentrates on creating bold designs which are still grounded enough to be construed as ‘formals’ for workplaces. The modern Indian woman transforms effortlessly from the fast-paced office-lady to being the mother-of-two in a matter of minutes, leaving little to no time for changing attires. So what they wear in the morning becomes their uniform for the day, and that kind of thought is present in the Anouk collection.


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