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Know The Different Types Of Dentists And Their Jobs

Dentists have got to play a very crucial rule in the society which is why it is regarded as a highly respected profession. Majority of dentists practicing across the world are general dentists who are also known as family dentists who are engaged in performing routine examinations, providing root canal surgeries, extracting teeth, and adding fillings to the teeth.

While most of the Dentists in Boston is engaged in general practice, they also perform cosmetic dentistry treatments. Other Specialty dentist in Boston takes up specialized functional areas which are discussed below:

1). Prosthodontists:

This category of Boston Specialty Dentist works on designing artificial teeth, dental dentures, tooth implants and dental bridges. They also perform the process of fitting these artificial teeth in patient’s mouth.

2). Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons:

They routinely perform high risk surgeries that are to be performed for various critical dental problems like installing dental implants, removal of wisdom teeth etc. for these treatments they provide Sedation Dentistry services to perform surgery related to correct facial injuries.

3). Pediatric Dentist:

These dentists offer services to cure dental problems in children and have special tact of dealing with their mood swings and innocent mindset.

4). Periodontists:

This category of dentist performs Gum Disease dentistry to correct their gum diseases. They also extend their specialization in treating problem areas in other structure near the gums such as tooth roots or bone.

5). Orthodontists:

Every orthodontist has specialty training in curing patients whose have misaligned teeth by applying braces and installing other orthodontic devices to improve their eating ability as well as overall physical appearance.

6). Endodontists:

They have special hands-on expertise in dealing with issues arising in dental pulp as well as in the surrounding tissue. They perform root canal procedures which thus help in saving teeth that otherwise could have been removed.

7). Forensic Dentists:

A forensic dentist is engaged in assisting autopsies along with other challenging forensic situations. Also they are engaged in determining the reason of death along with identifying bodies by evaluating the structures of their teeth.

8). Dental Radiologists:

They are engaged in producing and evaluating the image of dental structures. They also assist the general or other dentists in some serious procedures such as Dental Oncology.

9). Dental Pathologists:

They are taking up the work related to oral and maxillofacial pathology in which they address dental-related diseases with the help of a clinical examination, microscope, radiology and others. They also address patient symptoms like infection, pain, and inflammation.

10). Public Health Dentists:

They have gained specialty training to sustain and maintain public health by employing varied dentistry such as Specialty dentistry in Boston. They highly participate in community programs as well as conduct research in order to evaluate best ways to offer best quality of dental care to the entire community. Their primary job and focus area is to prevent and control dental diseases by providing dental care at the time of need along with creating awareness among them.

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