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Yoga: Way to Moksha

Yoga: Way to Moksha

The workout techniques practiced in the gym change from season to season but yoga is something that has been here for almost 5,000 years. No wonder it’s one of the best gifts that our ancestors have given to us.

Yoga is unlike your usual workout. Although, it burns calories and tones muscles but one thing that sets it apart is the meditation. It strengthens your mind and is, therefore, a total mind-body workout.

In this blog today, we will tell you some of the benefits of practicing Yoga on a daily basis and will also help you in taking your first step to imbibe it in your daily routine i.e. by buying a yoga mat.

Yoga encompasses all

Yoga provides peace and tranquillity. Yoga techniques are a sink to let go of all your work stress and live a life full of productivity and therefore happiness. Yoga’s deep breathing practices help increase the focus and attention. Remember that yoga is for everyone. Whether you are 13 or 43 you will have a yoga posture for yourself.

Yoga is very diverse and wide-ranging

Every person has a different lifestyle and the Yogi Gurus understood that. That is why they developed yoga poses that adapt to this changing lifestyle. For example, “Hatha Yoga” which is for beginners, “Power Yoga” which helps build stamina, strength and flexibility, “Hot Yoga” which helps decrease the weight and then there is “Prenatal Yoga” which is uniquely designed for pregnant women.

Yoga has Innumerable Health Benefits

The health benefits are so wide that we had to make a list of it:

Increased Immunity: Yoga poses are an exercise for your organs and thus in a way increase immunity. Various statistical studies bear testimony to the above fact.

Detoxification and Increased Blood Circulation: Stretching and bending ensure an optimum blood supply to your body. This helps in flushing out the toxins from your body.

Respiration: Yoga helps control the respiratory rate and helps the lungs function efficiently. It does so via the combination of controlled breathing exercises.

Increases Metabolism: Whether you want to increase or decrease weight, an increased metabolism can catalyze the effect and yoga does it for you.

Good Sleep: Many people who have just joined a yoga gym report that there has been a remarkable increase in the quality of sleep that they now get. So benefits start from the first day itself.

Increased Concentration and Memory: Practicing yoga for only 5 to 6 weeks can result in better concentration. Increased blood circulation helps improve memory.

Buying a Yoga Mat

Having your own yoga mat is a must, only if you don’t want to be withered away in somebody else’s sweat. Also apart from that your own body will be very different and purchasing a yoga mat that is just right for your body is a must. If you want a good deal and genuine product then you can browse our Online Sports Goods in India.

Mat according to Material There are basically three to four types of material available. Foam yoga mats are inexpensive. These are ideal for those who have just started yoga. A thermoplastic is a rubber-like material designed for better cushioning, durability and elasticity. The best thing is that they can be recycled, after they have served their purpose, to make even more mats. Cotton mats are thick and suited for meditation poses of Yin and Restorative Yoga. All natural rubber mats are the best ones to go for. They provide suction and stick to your hands and feet. Also, they give you a top class cushioning experience.

Mat according to style of the yoga pose

Restorative Yoga: It is the slowest form of yoga and therefore very comforting, easy and relaxing. You can go for a variety of options here. If you are into Restorative Yoga then you can go for a cotton mat.

Hot Yoga: Hot yoga is done in a room having a high temperature. This results in a lot of sweating. We recommend you to go with a natural rubber yoga mat. Also, don’t forget to buy a towel too.

Hatha Yoga: If you are in Hatha yoga chances are that you will be doing a lot of postures. Also, this form of yoga is for beginners so we recommend you to go with a foam mat.

Ashtanga Yoga: This style demands a lot of technique. Go with a sticky mat, the one that provides you with ample friction e.g. an all natural rubber mat.

Above mentioned yoga forms are the most common ones. If you practice a different style of Yoga then it's best to consult your Yoga teacher. Remember that a good quality mat can make a lot of difference in your posture. Yoga is something that is continuous and thus is a way of lifestyle. Keep practicing Yoga and you will see that the benefits will be more profound than you could have ever imagined.

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