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How Does Head Balance Affect Your Game?

In order to understand how head balance affects your game style, we need to understand what balance means.

In terms of Badminton Racquets, a head Heavy have more weight at the head region when compared to the tail, (or handle). Light Heads are those that have more weight in the bottom region of the stick. A balanced racquet has weight distributed so that the centre of the racquet’s length is the centre of mass, i.e. mass in the head region is equal to the mass in tail.

Those were the three different balances you will ever find in badminton racquets.

How will different balance racquets affect your game?
Head Heavy
In these sticks, since there is more weight concentrated in the head, more momentum can be transferred to the shuttle. This implies your shots will be powerful. And for the same reason, it can be slightly more difficult to manoeuvre these racquets.

If you want more power but don’t mind compromising on the manoeuvrability, head heavies are the racquets for you.

Head Light
These racquets, like the name suggest, are have lighter heads. This can be beneficial for those players who want more control and manoeuvrability in their game. But this comes at a price. These sticks do not give power like heavy heads.

If you have strong arms and compensate for the less power, you can choose these racquets. You can manoeuvre these racquets with relative ease and be quick on the field.

These racquets fall exactly in between heavy and light. With that, it provides a great mix of power and manoeuvrability. It won’t help you deliver powerful smashes, but you can be solid and deliver consistent shots throughout the match.
If you want a great combination of power and control, go for balanced racquets. Remember, a balance point of 285-290mm is what you should look for.

Depending on your game style and personal preferences you can choose the right balance. It can prove to be a significant factor in your game and give you that extra edge to your performance.

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