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5 Kinds Of Bicycles You Should Know About

Cycling is fun, and what’s the best part, it is an incredible way to workout and keep ourselves fit. If you are planning to buy a bike, what should you choose?
In this article, we will talk about 5 popular categories of bikes. Read about what makes them different than the others and hope it will help you choose the right one for you.


Those short ones that stunt riding youngsters and kids use are called BMX bikes, short for Bicycle MotoCross. They are designed to be used mainly for stunt-riding and BMX racing - Highly durable, strong frame design and an advanced suspension to absorb heavy shocks which are a quite common.
These bikes are most popular among children, given their height which makes these bikes an excellent choice.


The most common bicycles around the world, also called ‘Roadsters’, these bicycles are best suited for frequent commutes around the city; short rides - home to school and back, or home to work and back, etc.
They are durable and comfortable to ride on urban roads. A comfortable seating with elevated handlebar for maximum comfort, these bikes can be used everyday. And in the process, you contribute a fair share in reserving the nature.
Get one of these and make short-distance transportation fun, exciting and most importantly a way to keep yourself fit.


Lightweight bicycles built to speed on smooth pavements, or roads, are categorized into Road Bicycles. In easy to distinguish these from the others - thin tyres, drop handle, and a sportive look.
There’s only one catch with these bikes: they are built for speed, hence are slightly less durable when compared to city-bikes.
Nevertheless, it will provide you with an opportunity to cardio workout and celebrate the incredible feeling of speeding.


If you like to ride on mountains and hills, this is the bike for you. These are designed to be ridden mostly off the road. They are extremely durable and can be used on all terrains: rough or smooth alike. It’s easy to distinguish these from the others. Mountain bikes have thick heavy-duty tires (that offer great friction), impressive breaks (these will come in handy while speeding down a steep mountain trail) and a highly developed gear system that allows you to climb steep slopes with relative ease.Get this bike if you are into sports and looking for a new hobby. Mountain riding can be a little dangerous, so please practice caution. If you are up for some adrenaline pumping cycling session, go for it!


These bicycles are designed to support a wide range of cycling conditions. Think of it as a good mix of the characteristics of road, city and mountain bikes. They are popular and for a good reason. These bikes suit any cyclist, be it a novice or an enthusiast, these bikes fit their needs.If you want a good mix of stability, speed, comfort and ease of use, go with the Hybrids!


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