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The Lure Of Handcrafted Jewelry

‘Working with your hands’ has been glorified since antiquity. In the olden days it was the only way to get things done and the inheritance of those times which have found their way to the present times only stand to prove why handicrafts are so highly appreciated. Even today, men and women alike take the chores requiring work-by-hand seriously as they breed humility and compassion in each heart. Only a person who has bent over the ground to sweep his house, or changed the tires of a car, or even just changed a flickering light-bulb understands the importance of working with hands. For machines may be programmed to perform functions exactly to the mark, human hands are capable of much more. We add a part of ourselves to everything we do with our hands.

India has been an exporter of hand-made artifacts since the time of the ‘silk road’. As a substantial deposit of gold, silver, precious gems and diamonds were found in the subcontinent, it was a champion of hand-made jewelry and that taste for ornaments is still widely spread in the country. Even today, India serves as a mecca for jewelry and the amount of gold imported into the country is noteworthy. In such an eclectic market, hand-crafted jewelry has found a niche that seems to be here for the long-run.

Top-running celebrities from Bollywood sport exquisite designs of such hand-made jewelry and keep the age-old tradition of dressing up in precious materials alive. Seeing this unquenchable thirst for hand-made jewelry, Amarpali from Jaipur has introduced its own collection of hand-made jewelry on Myntra for the online market. Online jewelry market is on the rise in the country, and since hand-made jewelry sits well with the consumers and is not readily available all over the nation, it is sure to pay off.

‘Tribe’ by Amarpali is crafted by goldsmiths and craftsman from the royal pink city of Jaipur and aims to provide easy access to hand-made jewelry all over the country. As in India, jewelry is not just a prized possession for the sake of it, it holds meaning in many ways. Amarpali understands the market to be self-contained without the use of E-commerce facilities and desires to expand the niche. In our country we do not merely buy and wear jewelry, we collect and pass them down through the generations in a way that supersedes the western traditions of family heirlooms. At the time of weddings, jewelries are inseparable from the many traditions which complete the occasion. Jewelries are given to in-laws and to the bride and groom, which is again as much a part of weddings as the ‘saat phere’.

India has a large reservoir of jewelry which will not be exhausted even if plundered for decades and a part of these jewelry are from times-gone-by and hold great value for the families in possession of such jewelry, which were in fact at some point in the past crafted by a local goldsmiths also known as ‘sunhaar’. So the tradition for hand-crafted jewelry was always there and now it is taking a leap back into relevance as more and more people are opting for the exquisite works done by practiced human hands instead of modern machines. The human factor adds more character to the jewelry and hence also increases its value for those with such tastes.


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