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10 Exercises You Can Do On A Door Bar

Doing pull ups and chin ups every day is an wholesome way to develop your upper body muscles. There are numerous varieties you could do with a simple Door Bar.

Here are ten such varieties:
Cliffhanger/commando pull ups
Hold the bar with your hands adjacent to each other like you would grip a rope in tug of war. Then pull yourself up to one side and then the other.
Close-grip pull ups
These are simply pull ups with a close grip. Place your hands with less than a head distance apart. Closer the grip, tougher the pull up.
Wide-grip pull ups
Grip the bar with shoulder distance between your hands. Pull yourself up until your chest almost touches the bar and drop.
Close-grip chin ups
This is similar to a close-gripped pull up except for the position of your palms. Position your hands in such a way that your palms face you. Then pull yourself up.
Wide-grip chin ups
Place your hands with palms facing you and almost shoulder distance apart. Then pull yourself up.
Mixed/combo pull ups
This is a combination of pull ups and chin ups. Place your hands so that one palm faces you and the other away from you. Repeat the exercise with switched positions.
Clap pull ups
Pull yourself up like in a normal pull up, except at the topmost height leave hold of the bar, clap and quickly hold the bar to lower yourself down. This requires some practise and must be done carefully.
Leg raises
This exercise is for your core muscles. Grab on to the door bar and lift your legs (no bending of knees) until you make a 90 degree angle with your body bent at the hip and lower your legs. Repeat. This is a simple but an effective exercise to work your abdominal muscles.
Hold the bar in a wide grip and pull yourself up toward one hand; and then the other.
Side to side
Pull yourself up like you would in a normal pull up, with a wide grip, hold yourself up and while you are at it, push your body to your sides. Imagine wiping a window from side to side, except your hands are stationary, your whole body is in the air, moving from side to side.
There are a lot more variations for you to do. The door bar is a cheap yet effective home gym equipment and hence, it is a must have for all the fitness enthusiasts. It fits in a doorway and lets you do a variety of exercises from the comfort of your home.

So, go ahead, turn up the volume and work out till you can’t do another pull up. Also, don’t forget to rest enough and eat healthy.

Here is a dual action door bar you might like. And while you are at it, check out other varieties too!

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