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Men Vs Women Shopping Trends

The genetic makeup of humans is a fascinating study, especially considering that men and women have different genes originating from pre-historic Homo erectus. In all women, a distinct protein fiber X chromosome is hypothesized to come down from an ancient matriarch ‘Eve’ specimen and the Y chromosome from an ancient patriarch ‘Adam’ who both lived about several thousand years apart and could not have possibly fused their genetic make-up –hence, giving modern human sexes their deeply-embedded differences.

These differences have been celebrated and vilified over the years but only recently we have started to understand them. Some of these differences are starkly visible to the naked eye while others are only hypothesized but it is true that men and women have different shopping habits.

For most men shopping happens in a linear fashion, so to say – they have an item in mind, they visit the store, buy the item and their task is done. The difference is also visible when it comes to methods of payment. Men tend to pay using debit/credit cards whereas women prefer to pay with cash. Men will more often pay more to speed up the process than ‘waste time’ looking for bargains. The worst scenario for a man is not buying a less-than-ideal item but coming out of the store empty-handed. It was found that men usually only employ the left-side of their brain to solve problems whereas women use both the sides.

For women, shopping is more than just buying something – it is an experience. They tend to go shopping with their friends, take ample time to go through a number of things and then after much contemplation they end up making the purchase. A woman’s approach to shopping is very much part of who she is; it is part of her DNA. The way a woman shops when she is 18 years old is the same way she is going to shop when she is 43 years old. It is a lifelong mindset. Women tend to be more astute consumers than men, simply because they are willing to invest the time and energy necessary to research and compare products. At the same time, their two-sided brain approach to problem solving makes them more susceptible to emotional appeals than a man.

However, with E-commerce shopping options it was found that men also spend time comparing products and doing research which they otherwise would not have done had they been visiting a store. Such online shopping habits of consumers in India show that a good 61% of the total online shopping is done by men. The study also illustrates that 58% of the people shopping online are married.

Despite all the differences in shopping psychologies between men and women, one thing is common in both genders –they both want to be stylish and look good, whether it be for official events, get-togethers or just daily wear.


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