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What is the Difference Between Adsense, AdX and DFP?

Most publishers, who like to monetize their websites, primarily think about placing advertisements at the appropriate locations on their sites. Google Adsense is one of the popular advertising platform that has made it possible for publishers through which they can display various formats of ads on web pages and earn money when internet users view or click these ads. The Google monetization service is completely free and the publishers need to sign up and have an account in order to insert the code in their websites and create ad units on the web pages. When these ads get clicked by the users revenue is generated on a per click or per-impression basis. As an ad network, Google Adsense supports different forms of text, video & image advertisements, to be displayed through various programs like RSS feeds, mobiles, search engine results, Google display networks (GDN) etc. The good thing about this ad network is that it is straight forward hassle free solution to make guaranteed earnings in a safe and sustainable manner.

DoubleClick for publishers (DFP)
To streamline advertisement process, Google has an ad management tool called DoubleClick for publishers (DFP), in which the publishers are allowed to set the priorities based on the advertisement standards, whether to display the ads from Google Adsense or from other ad networks. DFP is an all-in-one ad management solution that can be used as an adserver, where the publishers can integrate many functions in one ad platform - schedule online ads, prioritize the ad list, manage inventory, optimize revenues by always displaying the ad that will generate the highest income etc. DFP has two versions - DFP SB & DFP premium. DFP SB if a free platform for small business whereas DFP premium is a paid service.

Google ADX
Ad exchanges are real time platforms where the publishers, ad networks and agencies interact together to buy & sell the advertising space. Google also came up with an ad exchange solution called DoubleClick Ad Exchange (ADX) to simplify the process of buying and selling in a real time environment. The process is more beneficial to relatively large publishers where they can directly control their revenues through live auction. Many publishers have realized that their revenues have drastically increased through ADX than just by using Google Adsense because they have more control on their ad setups.

How to decide which one is the right option for you?
Since all these ad platforms have their own pros and cons, it is hard to decide which option is right to generate more revenues. Google Adsense is the most simple and easy to use of all the above solutions that even a non-technical person can just easily setup the tool and get benefited by generating revenues through their website ads. However, both DFP and ADX are a little complicated applications which might require some prior experience or technical proficiency to maintain and manage them. Bottom line is, if you don't have any direct advertisers, ad networks or agencies or if you have least knowledge and time to spend on DFP & ADX then they are not the right options for you.

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