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Yoga Teacher Training | Vinyasa Yoga Shala | 200 Hour YTTC

Sadhana means practices. It also means dynamic effort. Yoga is a way of utilising our vehicles;.the body, organs of action, senses of perception, mind, intellect and consicousness, to travel deeper towards the self. The Vinyasa Yoga behind when-you apply your mind to think about the spiritual facts of life. Yoga has to be only one-pointed effect but a multi-faceted effect to be attempted by the Yoga from all sides in all the five sheaths of the body, namely annamaya – structural sheaths of the body, pranamaya – vital layer of the body, manomaya or mind, vijnanamaya or intellectual body and spiritual body. The effect is both centripetal and centrifugal, but the direction of attention must be on the self.
Children can never play with only one toy. They require a variety of toys. They want cars, jeeps engines, trains as they are inquisitive to know about everything. They get bored quickly with one type or one thing. Even teenger do not like having only one type of a game. In fact we all love variety. Meditationwe behave like children and hence, patanjali, gives many methods to keep the mind of the Yogy on the yoic path.
We know that the body is nourished and nurtured by food. We require vegetables, rice, rice, wheat, milk and so on. We like having diferent tastes, different flavours. In fact, the health of the body requires calciumj, magnesium, zinc, iron, vitamins, minerals and so on and do forth. . Similarly, the Yama requies an all-round practice for spiritual growth and spiritual health. Yogy has to be used as as spiritual groth and spiritual health. asana has to be used as a spiritual food. The pranayama has to get spiritually nourished and nurtured. Therefore, his pratyahara has to get spiritually nourished and nurtured. Therefore, his Dharana has to have its vitamins, minerals and other nourishing factors. The food dhould be such that we are able to digest it easily and it should provides vital energy. Similarly, the Dhayana should be such that it ignites interest and adds to knowledge. It should be intellectually digestible, adoptable and acceptable according to the capacity of the sadhaka.
The astanga is ranked and categoised according to the progress of the sadhaka, as the depth of understanding increase the depth the depth of samadhi also increases.
In fact, the karama is done to quesnch the thrist for knowledge of the self. It is a search as well as a quest. As the search becomes exact, accurate and deep; the phase and depth of vasana changes.
Guru is wrapped up in three layers; outer inner and innermost, which are called bahiranga guru-s, anteranga astanga yoga, the first five aspects.. Namely, yama, niyama, asana, pranyama and pratyahara are considered as bahiranga isvara, dharana and dhyana as antaranga purusa . In samadhi the antarama abhyasa is hidden and undisclosed. However, through the experince of sabija and nirbija samadi one reaches the state of kevalavastha or a state of aloness with fullness in body, ,mind and soul. This is the part of antratama citta as state of a seer or the soul.
Vinyasa begins the subject with the definites of yoga as restraining the consciousness from the rays of throught waves.


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