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8 Tips For A Safe & Enjoyable Morocco Travel

Moroccans are renowned for their hospitable & love showing nature to the visitors visits their nation. You will meet abundance of friendly people who will ease your tour, but there are certain things you must keep in mind to make your Morocco travel a lot easier and enjoyable. Let’s have a look at these tips:

Tip 1: Travel Morocco during spring and fall when everything is lush & green. Don’t overlook the severity of  summer-  can be injurious. Ramadan is a fascinating time to tour Morocco, but be alert that many cafes and restaurants will be closed throughout the day.

Tip 2: Don’t necessary rely on credit cards. Morocco is very much cash driven country and therefore having enough cash to pay for your accommodation, meals is important.

Tip 3: A few basic Arabic words will make your Morocco trip a lot easier. You can try  es salaam alaykum (hello), afak (please). If you are talking to a female it is “afik”; to a group of women, say ‘afakum’. Say ‘shukran bezzef’ if you feel thankful to anyone.  

Tip 4: Lodge in a Riad- a conventional Moroccan home constructed around an interior garden. Fes, Essaouria and Marrakesh are great riad destinations.

Tip 5: To get around Petit & grand taxis are excellent way, but be ready to wait because grand taxis won’t depart until all the seats are filled or you have to pay higher price for all other missing passangers. If you are a female touring single in a grand taxi, it is an excellent thought to book the front two places for yourself.

Tip 6: Consider negotiating in souks as leisure activity. It is an integral part of the Moroccan culture, so just reject the initial pricing a vendor puts forward.

Tip 7: Try to overlook unwanted attention if you are a female touring alone. You will perceive cries of gazelle and may even find odd marriage proposal, but the best thing you should be doing is avoiding eye-contact, sun glasses can do the trick.

Tip 8: If any local offer you a cup of mint tea, sit down to savor. Mint tea is considered as the ‘hallmark’ of Moroccan hospitality and it’ll be impolite to refuse one. It may take half an hour for a friendly tea session, so blissfully accept it.

So, keep these tips in mind and no doubt you will be well on your way of a safe and enjoyable Morocco travel.

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