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All That You Need To Know About Teeth Whitening

Who doesn’t want to flaunt a gorgeous smile that makes others envious of the stunning whiteness and such disarming perfection? Teeth whitening is a perfect solution for those who have struggled hard with dental issues and wish to feel confident again while talking to people around them. A white smile definitely creates subconscious, immediate, and leave a positive visual impact on others. Also, wearing a brighter smile gets counted as one of the most value attributes in a person’s aura enveloping him with an impression of vitality, great health, youth, happiness, and smartness.

Boston dentists regard bright smile as a healthy smile. If you have tried every possible thing to whiten your teeth at home and results are nil, then you must consult a well-educated and highly experienced cosmetic dentist who should possess a string track record of delivering whitening treatment. Teeth whitening are also regarded as an economical way to brighten the smile while taking off the imperfections smoothly.

Treatment pertaining to teeth whitening is a perfect option for anyone who is not happy with their smile. There are many reasons that devote to the discoloration of teeth and most of us realize this after the teeth condition gets worse. Our adult teeth have a tendency to go yellower, darker or stained over the period even if one is regular with brushing and flossing. Apart from this, some other causes that lead to teeth discoloration include genetics causes, consumption of antibiotics, along with foods such as coffee, carbonated drinks etc.

Dentists in Boston also state some other reason for internal tooth such as transformation in tooth enamel and the dentin, exposure to fluoride / tetracycline, tooth decay, developmental disorders, restorations, trauma and root canal issues. Apart from this, some major causes of external tooth discoloration are consumption of foods with tannins, tea, carrots, coffee, oranges, and other coloured foods.

Dental Care Boston delivers different types of teeth whitening solutions, which are broadly categorised into in-office treatment and treatment with over-the-counter products. Let’s understand this in detail:

• In-Office Teeth Whitening: This type of teeth whitening treatment is offered in a dental office in which dentists use stronger agents, while safeguarding the gums from the harmful impact of other materials. This type of treatment is widely suggested and shows great results in a single visit. Such treatment can brighten up teeth to 10 shades in a just an hour’s sitting. To trust your dentist for teeth whitening treatment, it is important that he is qualified to handle problem that might arise from such whitening treatments, like tooth sensitivity etc.

• Over-The-Counter (OTC): This refers to the adoption and use of tooth whitening systems commercialized and has gained a popular name for being inexpensive and easy to be applied. These solutions can be easily purchased without seeking dentist’s prescription and include major whitening products such as whitening toothpaste, paint-on tooth gel, whitening strips, mouth trays with gel, and whitening gum. However, these are safe to be used but consulting AACD dentist before their use is advisable.


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