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Denture Problems Solved with Dental Implants

Dentures are artificial dental appliances used to restore the smile after tooth loss. Dentures are created to give a comfortable fit, designed specifically according to the unique measurements of the wearer. However, the removable nature of dentures can cause problems with long term use. Patients who use dentures for a few years may notice that the dentures that once fit tightly inside their mouths will begin to loosen. When dentures become loose, the wearer will start to experience discomfort every time they use the artificial teeth. The problem with discomfort becomes even bigger with the embarrassment that comes with dentures that move uncontrollably, and may fall out from the mouth during the most unexpected moments.

Dental implants are ideal solutions to missing teeth problems. The implants are made of titanium, and are placed into the jawbone to act as stable anchors for the artificial teeth. These implants are also ideal for securing the dentures or a dental bridge in place. Four dental implants can be placed in strategic areas of the jawbone to maximise the existing bone structure; these implants can then be attached to a complete set of dentures or fixed bridge to replace all missing teeth in a given arch (for the lower or the upper jaw). The result is a restored smile that looks completely natural, without the problems caused by removable, loose dentures.

Securing dentures with implants solves problems with discomfort. Loose dentures rub painfully against the soft tissues of the gums, palate, and the inner cheeks. This constant friction can cause the development of painful mouth sores, which may even become infected if the friction continues unaddressed. Once the artificial teeth are secured with dental implants, the uncontrolled movement and the painful rubbing against soft inner mouth tissues will stop. The dentures or dental bridge will stay securely in place since they are connected to the jawbone through the implants.

Embarrassing moments with dentures will be put to an end with the help of dental implants. As the artificial teeth are secured in place using the implants, normal activities can continue without fear of the teeth falling out with the slightest movement. The patient can laugh, speak, and smile normally without embarrassing moments caused by teeth that fall out or move conspicuously. Problems with speech are also solved when dentures are secured with implants. Speech becomes clearer when the artificial teeth stay in place, and words are enunciated in a more normal manner.


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