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Causes and Signs of Gum Disease

Gum disease is one of the most common dental problems. Countless individuals may not even realise that they have gum problems until the symptoms have become complicated, and cause pain or discomfort. It is important to diagnose problems with gum health as early as possible, so that the corresponding treatment can be given. Early treatment ensures that the problem is solved before the issue becomes complicated, in which case the treatment is likely to be more expensive, extensive, and may involve more discomfort. Regular visits to the dentist will help in the early diagnosis of such dental problems, preventing more serious problems from developing.

Poor oral hygiene can be the culprit for gum disease development. If tooth brushing is not done on a regular basis, food debris may be left on the surface of teeth, or in between the gum line areas. The food pieces can interact with the bacteria naturally present inside the mouth, and may lead to the formation of acids. These acids can attack the tooth enamel, and can also lead to infections in the gums. The gums can also be harmed when flossing is not done regularly. The dental floss successfully goes into areas that may not be reached by a regular tooth brush, such as the small spaces in between teeth and the gum line. Without dental floss, small food pieces may still be left in these tight spaces even after brushing the teeth.

Gum problems have a chance to easily develop if visits to the dentist are not regularly done. Even with regular tooth brushing, there may be early gum disease signs that can only be seen by a dentist through an oral examination. If gum disease is detected, the dentist can proceed with giving a treatment that relieve the symptoms to prevent the problem from progressing into a more serious one.

What are the symptoms of gum disease? Swollen gums can often be seen in patients who are experiencing the earliest signs of gum problem. Gums that easily bleed when brushing the teeth or after using the dental floss are also signs of gingivitis – the mild form of gum problem that can be treated easily with early detection. If gingivitis is not treated, it can progress into periodontitis, in which case symptoms may include the teeth pulling away from the gums. Pockets are formed between the teeth and gums when infection sets in, and this can cause the teeth to become loose and fall out if not treated.


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