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The Perfect Smoky Eye Look

With the numerous make-up trends doing the rounds, shopping for women beauty products online has had to mold itself to suit the modern buyer’s need. One trend however, seems like it is here to stay. We are talking about the smoky eye make-up of course. Smoky eyes are perfect for a night out in the town or for galas and formal settings as well. The main point to remember here is that if you choose to highlight your eyes with the smoky look, always play down the rest of your make-up, leaving the eyes as the statement look.

Before you begin your smoky eye make-up, apply your face make-up first, creating a neutral palette.

The Selection
Classic smoky eye is normally done with blacks and grays, however, bronze or brown shades will also suit your needs fine. You can use any color to create this look; you will need at least three shades of similar hue. With the multitude of beauty products for women available online, this shouldn’t be that hard to accomplish.

The Supplies
Choosing the colors might be rather quick and easy, but you also need the right supplies for the look. You have the option to use pressed powders or cream eye shadows, but the fact is that the loose powder shadows work best for a smoky look, owing to their ability to blend. Pitch black eye liner is also necessary as it will help accentuate your look.
Use good quality, clean make-up brushes; otherwise you will end up with a smeared look that won’t blend. Also, keep at hand a large fluffy brush, Q-tips, and make-up remover to fix any goof ups or to remove loose shadow from your cheeks. These beauty products for women are definite must haves.

The Classic Look
Step 1
Apply the highlighter: This is the lightest of the three shades. Use an eye shadow brush to dab it on the inside corner of both upper and lower lids. From the beginning to the end, sweep it across the eyebrows as well.

Step 2
The Second Shade: Take the medium shade and sweep it over your eyelid. Blend the inside corners with the highlighter, and apply it to upwards to the crease of your lid. Do not take it all the way up to the highlighter.

Step 3
The Last Color: Beginning at the outer corners, sweep a ‘C’ shape from half way on the lash line. Go up to about half way inwards on the eyelid crease. Avoid applying the dark shade too far in, as you want half to one-third of your eyelid to be free of the dark shade. Sweep a little bit of the dark shadow under your eye as well. Just remember to start at the outside corner and cover only half of the lower lid.

Step 4
Blend: Use a clean fluffy brush that you can find at any beauty products store online, and brush at the edges where the shades meet to blend the shadows, removing any harsh divides between the colors.

With a little eyeliner and mascara to complete the look, you are now ready to step out and enjoy the night to the fullest.


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