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Almost every person has a dream wedding in their mind, which includes a white dress, classy tuxedo, their first dance, wonderful honeymoon in a stylish car. It is easy to get caught up in the above things because a marriage is a lot more about just those things. Preparing for Kerala matrimony Christian is not a simple task. With a wedding come a lot of details that include the venue, number of guests, cake, dress, music and many more things. Making a checklist of all the chores always comes in handy and therefore we shall focus on the things one should include in a Syro Malabar matrimony checklist.
 Wedding venue and reception checklist
A number of things have to be taken into consideration when choosing the venue of your wedding. The first most important factor to consider while choosing a venue is the number of guests you wish to be present and the venue should be able to accommodate that number of people. The hall or lawn should never be too small since you don’t want the guests to feel uncomfortable. Next, if you planning to keep an open bar, make sure the venue has the facility and place to do that. Last, the caterer they provide should be capable to whip different kinds of meals for everybody such as vegetarian, kosher, gluten free, allergic or vegan because some people in Syro Malabar matrimony prefer their kind of meal options.
 The cake, flowers and decoration
The centerpiece of the reception is the cake but just like other things this also needs work. Choose your favorite flavor and the number of tiers you want in the cake. Moreover, there are specific knives available these days to cut the cake and if you think you want them, make sure you book them in advance.
When it comes to flowers, the color, price and size of the bouquet are the major concerns. You need flowers for the bride and bridesmaids, corsages and boutonnieres for the groom, groomsmen and mother of the bride and flowers for the centerpiece. Flowers are widely used for decorating a trellis, interiors of the venue and the stage where the wedding ceremony would take place. Some people in Kerala matrimony Christian throw another bouquet instead of the one the bride got designed for herself. In that case, it is important to remember to get the other bouquet designed beforehand and keep it ready.
 The reception
Once, everything is decided, one should be able to picture the wedding and make sure everything is as planned. Things that should be focused on are the table decorations that include the centerpiece of every guests table to make a good impression. If the venue is supplying the tablecloths and chair covers, make sure you arrange them from some other vendor and select the color that matches the whole ceremony décor. Music is personal area where the bride and groom choose the kind of music they want and also their special song. If you have a wedding registry make sure that you have a preference list with you. A great photographer should be booked way before because all the good ones get bagged easily during the wedding season. Lastly, the table plans should be set before hand to ensure that the guests can easily find their seats without any trouble.
 The honeymoon
Do you have a honeymoon car that will sweep you from the wedding venue to your dream destination? A pre booked honeymoon package is always a great idea to keep your mind off from one thing atleast. Keep your suitcases packed in advance for your honeymoon to have a great time without wasting any time.


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