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Difference Between Antivirus And Security Suite

Difference between Antivirus and Security Suite The main difference between antivirus and security is, while an antivirus protects you from viruses that may infect your computer, a security suite protects you from many other forms of malicious content by having advanced features like firewall, phishing detection and many.

Antivirus scans only the virus that it knows and it is a standalone program. Now a days some companies are including anti malware into it with some basic features. It is less cost when compared to security suites and provides only basic protection. Most of the security suites come with anitvirus as main component by default. So if we buy security suites there is no need to buy antivirus as a seperate software. Antivirus software provides an important layer of protection for all operating systems both windows and linux. However, sometimes it may slow down your PC while running this program.

The one major aspect that is missing in anitvirus is firewall protection which is very important to protect the systems from hackers. Antivirus software detects, prevents or removes malicious programs. It doesn’t offers a perfect solution to the problem of malware.

Security suite:
It is the combination of antivirus, firewall, antimalware, anti-spam, antispyware and other some other added features. It also includes spam filters. This eliminates the need for special spam filters while accessing your email through desktop application. It is fast, very effective in providing total security protection from internet and USB threats. It is very expensive when compared to antivirus but very useful for businesses as they can have high protection for sensitive information. The firewall feature is essential in a web based security suite as it limits the network traffic and controls the users based on the security policy. There are two main aspects when we talk about firewall protection. One is it restricts the access of inappropriate users from outside the network and allows only the traffic from the same network and the other is it closely monitors the applications running on the system and make sure that no misuse happens on the network connection. Some internet security suites also offer browser extensions that integrate with your browser. So always check the features and buy an appropriate one that suits best to your needs.

Advantages of security suite:

* Security suites are very useful for systems that deal with high risk activities.
* It condenses all of your security software into one program & runs fast.
* It has automatic filtering of spam, firewall to protect you from hackers.
* Good option for small businesses as they have automated software updates and notify you immediately as soon as someone attempts to bypass your internet security.
* It has many added features like core security, good management tool interface, ease of installation and data backup.

Which gives the best privacy protection?
Even the best antivirus does not give you full security protection against the false websites that may trick you easily and make you vulnerable for giving away your secure information. These phishing sites look as if they are real and users get easily tricked and give away their username and passwords as soon as they enter through their accounts. As a part of privacy protection, security suites are very beneficial in diverting the users away from these phishing sites and also offer protection for sensitive data, credit cards & bank accounts. Apart from countering the viruses, they also keep privacy information intact and secure.

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