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Super Simple Ways To Reduce Food Waste At Store

Food stores tend to waste a lot of food. Every day a portion of edible food has to be thrown away or out and over the weeks and months that follow, the amount of wasted food accumulated is massive. This phenomenon is not a currently established one. In fact, this has been around for ages. Ever since the first fresh food store, till the first super store, till today in the 2lst century; this cycle has kept up its pace. But, with the rising demand for food and hundreds of deaths occurring on large scale due to hunger and lack of food, authorities all around the world have decided to find ways to reduce food waste and instead help others who are in need of it.


There are plenty of homeless people living on street corners in just about every city of the world. Unlike a stationery store owner, if you happen to own a super store you will come to realize that there is a lot to throw out. Items are dispensable and their shelf life is short. So regardless of whether you are responsible to sell fresh food items or packed ones, you could do with donating or giving away the items that have come close to reaching the end of their shelf life. Simply give away all items that are bound to expire soon or no longer be legible to sit on the shelf.


Although the concept of refrigerators is already widespread, there are smart ways to using them that not many people are aware of. Always make sure that the refrigerators in your fresh food store are set to at least 40 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. Because these refrigerators are opened up so often, the coldness level within tends to increase leaving the food privy to rotting. Make sure to move products that are soon to expire to the front of the fridge so as they may be purchased first. This reduces the pile of food that you will have to wheel out later to throw in the dumpster.


Again, unlike a stationery store items, fresh food items in stores decay and rot. Rather than throwing these out in the trash, use them for compost. Organic compost is great for the soil as it is rich in minerals of many different sorts. Of course, while working in a store the amount of waste will be much greater than what your garden can hold. In this case simply call up or contact companies that create fertilizers. Not only will they be glad to relive you of your burden, but, in most cases you will even be paid for it. Of course, the pay will not be great or even big in amount. However, even a little is better than nothing.

Not only will the use of these methods help reduce the food waste at your store, but, they will directly benefit a lot of other people. Looking at it from the big picture, it will also save the planet.

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In this article Mark Long compares stationery store items to that of a super store or fresh food store and discusses how to reduce wastage of perishable food items by using them for better purposes.


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