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What are the Best Activities to do on an Easter Island Tour?

Have you only heard about Easter Island’s famous moai or stone statues? Then you should know that there are many other spectacular things and attractions present on Easter Island, which will give you a breathtaking travel experience. On your trip to Easter Island, you will also get an opportunity to learn about its rich history and culture by visiting its small villages.

Do you want to know about the exciting things to do on Easter Island holiday trip? Here are the best activities to enjoy on a guided Easter Island trip:

#1- Explore Easter Island on a Bicycle:

The jaw dropping landscapes, calm roads and breathtaking ocean views of Easter Island can be conveniently explored on a guided bicycle tour. Most travel experts highly recommend seeing this island on a bike, which will allow in riding on the lightly traveled routes. Bicycling on this island will prove to be a fun activity that will help you explore the panoramic Easter Island.

#2- Visit the Orongo Village:

Established as a ceremonial site- The Orongo Village is centered on the traditional cult of the Birdman or Tangata Manu. This village is located between narrow ridges with a 1000ft drop and has 50+ stone homes. The stone homes have an abundance of history.

#3- Take a Trip to the White Coral Sand Beach-Anakena:

A rocky coastline, warm waters and the white coral of Anakena beach makes it a must see when you are on a guided Easter Island tour. Anakena beach is also believed to be the first re-erected moai or stone statue on Rapa Nui or Easter Island. Most of the locals and tourist groups make their way to this spectacular beach in the afternoon to relax.

#4- Find Out what is Rapa Nui National Park:

The whole surface of Easter Island makes up the park, which was declared as a National Park and Historic Monument in 1935 to protect and preserve the archaeological treasures, for which the island is universally renowned. Here, you will find five species of land birds (brought from continental Chile) like tiuque, sparrow, diuca finch, partridge and cock pigeon. The main attraction of this park is the maid, which makes it an interesting site.


By relying on a reliable tour company, your Easter Island tour can be planned in a perfect way (as per the requirement), which will help you in enjoying an authentic and unique travel experience. A competent tour company will offer you an expert guide who will deliver an exceptional service to make your Easter Island travel a memorable one.


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