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Difference Between Traditional Hosting And CDN Hosting

We all take the help of one or the other traditional hosting services to host our websites and sometimes feel very dissatisfied if it is not up to the mark in serving our website needs completely. No matter how big or small the company size is, now people are using internet for the entire process from initiating the sales process to closure of the final transaction and helping out with extended service. The increase in the usage of multimedia and other dynamic content has become necessary in order to maintain good websites, but the current traditional web hosting is no longer capable of managing these technical challenges. This is reason why many are opting for Content Delivery Network services, so that they can speedup their websites as well as provide great user experience to the visitors.

For clear understanding on the benefits of using CDN, let us see what makes it different from traditional hosting services.
Traditional Hosting:
The most typical traditional hosting services are shared and dedicated where users get access with server resources such as drive space, bandwidth, CPU etc depending on the account type. Initially small and medium businesses and start-up companies, prefer basic packages as they have limited visitors and resources needed for their website, which can be upgraded to higher level later on once the website gains popularity and traffic. Now-a-days companies are replacing their traditional hosting with latest cloud technologies because of higher concern for data security and low cost infrastructures. Instead of investing money for hardware installations and spending thousands of dollars on low level hosting services, many businesses are depending on highly reliable cloud services for their complete infrastructure and software outsourcing.

Whatever the type of traditional web hosting might be, the complete web page is visible to the user only when all the content is loaded from the web server. If the web servers are located far away from the users, there will be delay in the web page retrieval which may lead to bad user experience. Sometimes, it may take even longer than expected if the websites are overloaded with rich multi-media content. To resolve the issues of delayed content and speed up the delivery process many large corporate websites are using Content Delivery Networks at multiple locations.

CDN Hosting:
CDNs have network of interconnected servers also called as edge servers across multiple locations, where the static data is cached and delivered to the users from the nearest server from where the user request is made. Unlike traditional hosting in which users have to wait to load the web page from the remote original server, CDNs have faster delivery of static and dynamic content in a high secure manner. No matter where the origin server is set, users across the globe are able to access the pages faster because of distributed network nodes at various locations. It has better routing mechanism, that works on balancing the website performance even at high traffic instances and peak hours so that users will have the same standard browsing experience at all times.

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