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How to Optimize a web page for SEO ?

If you want to optimize your web page for SEO, I suggest you to follow this list of tips:
- you should make your website URL readable to a human and make sense;
- create original and great content;
- make sure that your site does not have slow load times;
- name categories and sub-categories with utilizing keywords and it will not only benefit your web pages, but also the pages listed with them;
- optimize your page title;
- use natural keywords in your content.
his is the On-Page SEO techniques that I learned from experience and view of other web sites:

1. Keyword On Domain
There is a good idea before you decide to create a web or blog, you choose Domain names that match what you are going to discuss. For example: You want to create a web or blog about Online Clothing Shop, then you should select a domain like this,, and others. I think a good domain is a domain that has keywords.

2. Make attention Tittle, Meta Keyword & Meta Description
Without you knowing Tittle, Meta Keyword and Meta Description in fact has an important role in On Page SEO, because it includes one of the foundations for the power of your website. So, Keep on writing Tittle tag, Meta Keyword and Meta Description you paste or input keywords in it so strongly in your web search engines. But remember do not overdo it.

3. Permalink or Article URL
Some people may think permalink or the URL of the article are not important. But for me it also includes important, because we make a permalink that will clarify what will we shoot its keyword. Examples of commonly permalink I apply /% postname%. Html or it could be /% postname /

4. Mandatory in Notice Tag H1, H2 and H3
This usually depends on the theme you are using, sometimes there is a theme H1, H2 and H3 was already optimal, but sometimes there is also no. So pay attention to this, the use of H1, H2 and H3 are really going to simplify the search engines search your web.

5. Image Alt Text
Is it necessary for each post includes a picture? actually important not important anyway, but for me it is also important. Why, because sometimes the user comes also know from the image and in addition the image can make the user happy while reading your content. But please note when upload pictures to your post must not upload, because robots can not browse google images and how to outsmart can use the Image Alt tag text with rich keywords that you shoot.

6. Bold, Underline and Italicize
Keep your content in each of the main keywords you put a bold, underline, and italicize. This could increase the value of the main keywords that you shoot. Eg in the first paragraph you insert your keywords bold, in your second paragraph insert and italicize your keywords in your last paragraph to paste the keywords you continue to underline.

7. Internal Link
Internal links can provide a backlink to another article in your website. So, Create internal links which are interconnected with your content or interrelated.

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