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Features that influence the Dental Implant costs

Dental implants offer the most ideal solutions for missing teeth problems. However, some people may be put off by the idea of getting implants because of the notion that they are expensive. Without fully understanding what is involved in the cost, it may be easy to diminish the value of an implant treatment as a whole. Learning more about the factors that determine the cost of implants can help patients who are still in the process of deciding on going for this missing teeth solution.

The number of implants needed for the entire implant treatment will have a significant impact in the overall treatment cost. A single tooth loss to be solved with one dental implant will expectedly cost much less compared to an entire jaw (the upper or lower) of missing teeth, which would need four or more dental implants to restore. The corresponding teeth restorations (the number and kind) will also affect the cost of the implant treatment. A fixed dental bridge, to replace multiple missing teeth, will be more costly than a single dental crown. The brand of implants to be used is also taken into consideration for the cost. Lower-cost implants may seem more economical, but they may not have the high success rate and guaranteed safety of the more trusted & well-recognised dental implant brands.

The procedures that need to be done before and after implant placement will also affect the treatment cost. Dental x-rays and CT scans may be done as part of the diagnostics necessary prior to the actual placement of implants. In some cases, more complicated procedures such as bone grafting or a sinus lift may be needed to ensure the safety and success of the implant treatment. The inclusion of these procedures will be considered in the computation of the treatment cost; the level of complexity involved with the placement of the implants will significantly affect the cost.

The choice of implant dentist will also be considered when computing for the implant treatment cost. An implant dentist who has extensive experience, up-to-date trainings & qualifications, and with state-of-the-art dental clinic facilities will expectedly involve a steeper cost compared to a dentist who may not have the same impeccable credentials. In addition, a team of experts working on an implant treatment will cost more compared to only one implant dentist. The location of the dental clinic is also one factor that determines dental implant cost. A clinic which is centrally located and easily accessible in a big urban area or city may offer a higher price for the implant treatment than its counterpart located in a more remote part of the country.


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