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5 Stylist hacks that add value to your Spa and Salon

What’s the first thing you hear people talk about airplane traveling? “I really like flying with xyz airlines, their stewards / stewardesses are really hot.”
There’s nothing wrong or offensive about this comment (in most cases), it’s just a passenger stating that she / he prefers having to be around pleasant service staff. It’s a different thing that people say it in a way that it sounds like the perception is restricted to just looks, but honestly more about the personality of the service staff as a whole. None of us like interacting with rugged, unkempt, rude or unpleasant people unless we’re forced to.
Another way to explain this is, with the example of shopping for a pair of sunglasses. It’s a nice experience and everything that is a part of the process of the purchase adds to the experience including the location of the store, the ambience, trying the product on, paying for it and most importantly the sales person who sells it to you. Similarly, consider someone shopping for a haircut, everything in the process from calling to take an appointment, the ambience of the salon, getting the wash, getting the cut, the styling and even paying for it, is all a part of the experience. The staff interacting with the client is the one most important and common thing between the two examples, and no one wants an unpleasant experience ever.
In a beauty parlour for example, when a female client calls to enquire or book an appointment, she wants to hear a pleasant welcoming voice of a person who isn’t rude or unclear. If the person at the reception or phone is not helpful or in a hurry to keep the phone, the client will get irritated, which will give her a bad image of the parlour and she might never go there.
If you visit a beauty parlour and the person is chewing gum while giving you a pedicure, she’s wearing a dirty gown, looks very tired, puffy eyed and her hair is messy too, what’s your reaction going to be? No one would want to sit in front of someone like that for an hour if they had the choice. Also you’d doubt whether a person so unkempt and tired would be able to give you a good service or not?
It’s simple. Spend a little bit of time every morning checking the appearance of your service staff because that’s the first thing that meets the eye of a client that walks in. It goes without saying that they must also be trained to be polite, patient, helpful and good at the service.
Five easy steps to transform your staff from boring to a Diva / Stud in no time!
Conceal those Fine Lines

Provide your staff with a simple Vitamic C cream on a daily basis to rejuvenate your skin. They can also apply a generous shade of concealer to do away with any dark / evident lines, blemishes, dark circles or acne marks.
Always Emphasize on your Best Feature

Decide on which is that feature you wish to highlight, try and keep this the same for all your staff. If it’s the eyes, see what will suit all of them whether a pumped up effect like small wings at the corners or just a thin fine line with a kajal pencils. You may also exaggerate the look with mascara to plump up the lashes.
If it’s the lips or nails, you may not be able to apply the exact same shade to all your staff since these enhancements complement the complexion of the person wearing it. You can definitely make sure that the all the staffs wear shades of the same colour, for example blood red, pink, maroon etc can bring about a sense of evenness. Red hides any bad hairdo, tired look or post work stress effects. You can also go for the nude and natural look if that’s what goes with your uniform.
Proper Hair. Very Important.

Always let your staff go with their natural hair texture, the goal here is to keep it clean and tucked away properly. It shouldn’t look messy or come in the way while providing the service. Some clients don’t like it when the person providing the service keeps touching their hair, they find it unhygienic. If someone’s hair is too curly, they can tame the waves or the frizz with application of some serum, curl-defining mousse or cream or simply tuck it into a neat bun. It’s also a smart idea to give all your staff a common headgear like some of the airlines give tiny hats. Hair is something that your staff will have to help each other with, it’s a great form of team building every morning as well.
Hygiene with Hands-Teeth-Breadth

Clean hands are extremely important. That’s the tool for most services provided and a client will not be ok with dirty hands or unkempt nails. When you interact with the client, the teeth and breadth are also something that need to be perfectly tended to.
Clothing. Attire. Uniform.

As a grooming professional, you must underestimate the power of clean dressing. It should be expensive at all given the products we handle at the time of providing the services, it’ll get dirty very often. That brings us to the point that it should be a dark colour so that most stains go unnoticed on it. If possible all the staff should be wearing uniform clothing or at least have a uniform colour. Most outlets stress on wearing black clothes to work if they are unable to provide uniforms for their staff.
Shoes are a part of this too. All staff must wear similar colored shoes and wearing of slippers or open shoes even for women must be discouraged. Closed feet give a sense of hygiene and tidiness.
Accessories and jewelry must be kept at the minimum. Encourage your staff to leave their accessories at home and not wear it at work.
Follow these quick and simple tips, be yourself, be charming, be pleasant, be helpful and walk confident.


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