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11 Simple Tips to Perfect Salon Management

The art of salon management doesn’t wholly depend on the employees you hire or on delegating the tasks to your workforce. The complete task involves much more! Here are a few tips to manage your ideal salon”

1. Relate to your clients!
Understanding the psyche of your clientele is the key factor to success in any business. Observe them closely; try to know and remember their preferences, likes, facial expressions, and body language Offer them customized services and personalized products; and you will definitely see them return again.

2. Master Your Art and Area
Keeping up with the current hairstyle trends in your area is a must. Keeping an eye out on how many women have a short bob or low-slung bun or men have an undercut for example, will help you get a grasp on what the locals are looking for.

3. Don’t shy away from Knowledge Sources!
Religiously follow websites and knowledge bases for Salon Management Tips or any other sort of information on how to conduct your outlet, staff and services.

4. Reasonable Prices
There should be that optimum point of reasonable pricing. While you may not want to offer your services at prices so low that customers see it as sub-par work, you need to make sure you aren't charging so much that they can’t afford to come back again.

5. Provide that Complete Assortment Store
This is the time to let your imaginations go wild. Think about new ideas on how to turn your hair salon into a complete beauty salon. Look for variations, like- ear piercing, manicures, or pedicures. Also, be certain you cover all of your bases with hair by offering cuts, perms, washes, rinses, curlers and dyes.

6. Maintain that Aura of Sophistication- Dress in Black!
The color black always works on some psychological level, to neutralize the judgements and apprehensions of your clients. Whatever be the reason, go black.

7. Maintain your Shop
Your customers are looking for a warm, inviting, and professional salon. Décor, cleanliness and maintenance must all work together simultaneously to put your clientele at ease, the moment they enter your hair salon.

8. Controlling Overheads in Your Hair Salon
Always keep a good control on your overhead. It is especially important that you do your research and know what hair products and chemicals your clientele will purchase, to avoid having a surplus of merchandise stock.

9. Staff Appropriately
One more suggestion to keep in mind is your number of employees. While it is sometimes a good idea to have stylists that specialize in a single technique, it is important that everyone under you has the necessary skills to meet every customer’s needs. Also, having more than one stylist that specializes in the same thing is usually a waste.

10. Improve Your Bottom Line
Stubborn, creative and headstrong, hair stylists are an eccentric bunch and tough to manage at times. You may also look into eliminating a few hourly employees or getting software to relieve your receptionist on the desk.

11. Give Praises When Due
This may have no bearing for some, but seeing the names of the most efficient and effective employees hanging on the wall of the salon gives your employees a required boost of confidence and motivation to work. It may even be better if you can give them a few incentives if they exert effort with their work. Hair salon management should never focus on strict implementation of rules. Instead use just the carrot minus the stick method, with appropriate praises when it is due .

Salon products, salon staff or work structure if not planned out in harmony will hamper your business and eat into your profits. So use these tips and follow #TheChairrSays for more, to streamline your organization, save costs and increase your clientele.


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