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Barber Shop Vs Salon… Ummm?

Are you betraying your BARBER, by catching up with the “In-Vogue” Professional Salons?

Every boy would remember going to a nearby- the so called “Friendly Barbershop”. The entire childhood and youth is spent going to the same ‘Barbershop’- getting accustomed to the manliness of the place; known to be a cool hangout for men. However with the course of time, they realize that they earn enough to expend a fair amount to transform their look. On the contrary, choosing the best Salon many a times, might not yield satisfactory results.

Comparing the two, would be the right way- to be decisive enough!

The ‘Salon’ has developed along the years and now it not only does pertain to women but men as well. Similarly, it has male and/or female staff, stylists and professionals to serve its customers.

From the moment you step in, it is all about luxury and comfort. From placing your bag and coat on a stand to giving you a pre-cut hair wash, from draping you in a silky robe to offering a complimentary massage or some extra refreshments with well-spoken staff to personally cater to you. Salons are the place for extravagance; if you are looking for ease and you have time and money on your hands then this is the place to be!

The professionals at a salon are trained to provide a holistic and stylish outlook. If you are going longer with your hair, feel like adding color to your hair or need consultation to change your look, stylists at salons are qualified and well aware of the current trends. Salons generally carry a wider range of products and are more knowledgeable with its suitability and use.

Whereas in a Barbershop!

A ‘Barbershop’ is the one coming down from generations, the place famous for its quick service, You walk in – They cut your hair – Period.

Here, only male staff cater to the basic grooming requirements of male customers. They have haircuts and oil massages, but few also provide hairwash and shaving services.

Barbers aren’t stylists, they’re trained to keep it simple and speedy . They are good with giving a short, traditional style haircut such as a military style cut, fade, buzzcut, mushroom, crew cut or flattop. They will give you a look that is ‘easy-to-handle’ and does not require a lot of personal care.

There is no exchange of ideas or feedback here, so if you are looking for the same style and no change, then this is the right place to be at.

Moreover a barber is comparatively cheaper, and generally goes easy on everybody’s pocket. Surprisingly, men like visiting barbershops as a mini-getaway; as it is also a humble male gathering spot wherein people fraternize with friends and chew the fat.

So now you know, while choosing a Salon you are looking at a more ‘fashion forward’ approach and while choosing a Barbershop it is more about the ‘classic look’ approach. It is not about which one is better, not a Babershop vs Salon thing, but its about what you are looking for. You could visit both at some point for different purposes.


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