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The Never-Ending Questions about Universe and its Existence

The formation of the universe is a question of mystery. Till date there have been several speculations about its formation and there is research still being conducted on it. This is the topic of interest for several doctorates that are on a mission about the beginning of the universe. The theory behind this mystery has been increasing and so is the complexity built up around it. It comprises of stars, planets and galaxies out of which most of them are in dark matter. The length or breadth of the universe is infinite, and is immeasurable in units. The list of questions just keep on pilling up but there is only an age old reply to it, that it was formed by an invisible spirit who is the ruler of all living beings. This invisible spirit has the capacity to create or destroy anything and it does fair things to everyone.

There is a certain type of energy associated with each individual. At the formation of the universe, things were only in the form of dust and little particles. Scientists have come up with the observation that evolution is a topic which is never ending. In an attempt to solve the mystery many philosophers have tried their best and come up with the answer that universe means everything. Regardless of how big or small a thing is, until it has life it survives here. There are several difficult questions tied to it.

Another such mystery attached to its beginning is space which is a vast stretch of void. Again a mysterious dark phenomenon, a void area which is filled with dark matter started to expand along with the universe. This can be stated back to billions of years ago when there was nothing but only the solar system. The origin of space and time can be linked together as both of them began their journey somewhere together. Physicists are trying to begin on a new theory about the beginning of time and space. It has a deeper connection as the forces of nature and matter have an interconnection. The world is filled with plenty of things that have had genesis which nobody could imagine.

Ever since the beginning of evolution of life, along came death. So it is a universally known fact that whatever takes life ends its process here itself and is extinct forever. Nothing is forever and nothing will last for eternity. Everything has its beginning which comes to a halt at some point or the other and nobody has a control on it. When a living being takes shape, a soul takes form which is an intangible phenomenon. Soul is something which no one till date has seen or touched. Such surreal things exist which is far beyond our understanding yet we live life to the fullest like it is the only day we have. It is just about the matter of how well a soul is treated and accordingly it leads to a substantial life. The existence of soul has been a subject of curiosity and many questions since many years.

Questions has answers to many unsolved questions and myths which have been among us ever since life began. A living being is attached to a soul which is an invisible element which again is a long lived puzzle for many. Visit http://questions.com.pl/.

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