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Soviet Cooking. Jams Recipes

For all sweet lovers and for all those who loves natural products, the recipes for the jam, according to the traditional technology of the last century.

Strawberry jam
On 1 kg of berries-1 kg of sugar and 150 ml of water (3/4 Cup)
Sort berries, remove stems and leaves and pour in the prepared syrup.
Boiling the syrup is made in aluminum or enameled pots. Before cooking sift the sugar, pour in a bowl or saucepan and cover with water in specified proportions.
Cook the syrup until the sugar is dissolved, and after that ware remove from fire, put the berries or fruit, again put on fire, bring to boil on high heat, lightly shaking the pan to berries immersed in the syrup.
After that, remove the foam and after 2-3 minutes again bring to boil, repeating this operation two or three times, and then, removing the foam, cook the jam on low heat.
It is very important to determine the moment of readiness of the jam, as it depends on its quality and further safety.
The following signs of readiness of jam. If a drop of syrup, poured on saucer, does not spread, and retains its shape, the jam is ready. In addition, in the finished jam, berries or fruit does not float to the top, and evenly distributed in syrup and in most cases are made transparent.
To cool the jam to pour in porcelain or ceramic ware, and then shift into the prepared container and close tightly.

Blackcurrant jam
1 kg of berries-1.5 kg of sugar and 200 ml (about a glass) of water.
Berries to sort, remove the stalk and dry remains of the flower. Berries blackcurrant are thick and dense skin, so they are relatively slowly impregnated with syrup and improper cooking become stiff and wrinkled.
To avoid this, berries advance, before cooking jam should be boiled in water for 3 minutes, then cooled in water and the water drained.
Prepared in this manner berries dipped in boiling syrup and boil with continuous boil for 5-8 minutes, removing the foam. In the future, to make cooking at low boil, watching to not burnt jam.

Gooseberry jam
1 kg of gooseberry - 1.5 kg of sugar and 3/4 Cup water.
For jam it is better to take a small gooseberry, unripe. Gooseberries before cooking it is necessary to stand in cold water for 6-8 hours.
Large berries, if such will come to cooking, you need a sharp knife to make an incision and remove the side grain, then the gooseberries to soften the pulp to put in cold water and soak for days in often changes of water.
Prepared gooseberries, pour hot syrup and boil until cooked jam.
To add flavor to the jam during cooking you can add lemon zest or vanilla.

Bon appetit!

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