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Different Kinds Of Head And Neck Cancer

Cancer that occurs in the neck or head region are usually classified as head and neck cancer. These can occur in regions like the larynx in the throat region or in the nasal cavity. The cancers that occur in the neck and head region are usually denoted as silent killers as they might go undetected for quite some time. When the cancer spreads to the lymph nodes situated in the neck region that is the time it becomes visible. If the cancer in these regions is recognized early, it leads to successful diagnosis and treatment. Usually treatment of this type of cancer includes surgery by head and neck cancer surgeon in Pretoria which is usually followed by chemotherapy or radiation therapy. The cancers in these regions usually arise due to risk factors in lifestyles or environment around an individual. For instance, exposure to UV or ultraviolet light as well as smoking are common causes of cancer in the head and the neck region.

Oral cancer

Oral cancer is part of the cancer ailments which are associated with the head and neck region. The cancers can occur in the throat, larynx and mouth. When the cancer originates in the mouth region, it is referred to as oral cancer. Usually it is found as a small lesion in the oral cavity. It then spreads and makes its way to the sinus region or the nasal cavity. There are different kinds of cancer that are termed as oral cancer. For instance, lymphoma is a cancerous condition that occurs in the lymph nodes while adenocarcinoma occurs in the salivary glands. Usually oral cancer which occurs in the tissues of the mouth or on the lips could resemble skin cancer. All these cases are usually referred to a head and neck cancer surgeon in Pretoria.

Three kinds of cancer

The cancer that occurs in the neck and head region are classified in three sections. The first category is the nasopharyngeal cancer that occurs in the nasal cavities and the upper part where the throat connects with the nasal region. Often oropharyngeal cancer is the second type where the middle part of the throat is affected, the region where the tonsils and the tongue connect. The third category is hypo pharyngeal cancer that occurs at the bottom region of the throat. Here the pyriform sinuses are located and this type of cancer is difficult to diagnose. Those who are diagnosed with hypo pharyngeal cancer usually have the worst rate of survival as it is detected at a late stage.

Surgery requirements

Depending on the stage at which the cancer is detected, surgery is prescribed to the patient. In case of joint cancer people are referred to joint replacement surgeon in Johannesburg. The joints might have to be provided with prosthetic support in case crucial tissues or bones are removed by the joint replacement surgeon in Johannesburg. These are some of the different ways surgery can help a cancer patient.

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