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How to travel cheap in Croatia?

There are a lot of ways in which you can travel inexpensive and enjoy your trip to the fullest. Hippies around the world, who love exploring new places and knowing the whereabouts of those destinations, opt for the cheapest methods to keep their wallets happy and full while traveling about.

Topmost attractions in Croatia

With no shortage of beauty, Croatia is filled with mountains and beaches, and is rich in history as well. Here’s a list of the places best for a must-see tilt for an unforgettable holiday.

Plitvice Lakes National Park: well-known for the chain of 16 terraced lakes joined by the waterfalls, extending into the limestone canyons. Lake Kozjak links the first and the last waterfall which makes it a breath-taking view to look at.

Diocletian’s Palace: build by the Roman emperor, it is the city center of split and forms about half the town in today’s time.

Losinj: best place to try out some water sports like scuba diving, dolphins and marinas or spend a relaxing day doing nothing on the beach.

Euphrasian Basilica: being the third church build on the same site, it conceals preceding buildings as well. It composes of the Bell Tower, Baptistery, colonnaded atrium, an episcopal palace, and a memorial chapel.

Pula Arena: located in Pula, The Arena is the only residual Roman amphitheater to have four side towers and with all the three Roman architectural orders exclusively conserved.

Tips to travel cheap

Listed below are just a few tips to help you know the ways of traveling at low cost around Croatia, or any other place in the world for the fact.
Vacation Rentals: hotels are a big no no for cheap traveling. Vacation rentals are the trendiest thing going around nowadays, so book cheapest deals online with Vacation Home Rentals, and the best online services for rental homes, where you can get amazing deals and offers for your choice of property at strikingly low prices.
Campsites: go for some nature exploration while you are in this beautiful country of amazingly stunning mountains, valleys, waterfalls and what not, and try camping in the open for some fresh experience.

Hitchhiking: best way to organize your transportation facility at the cheapest and the easiest way is to hitchhike around the country, and save your money for using in another expeditions. Also you get the chance to make new friends and know people all over the place.

Best time to visit: avoid visiting at the peak seasons, for the accommodations and everything else will be the costliest and the most expensive ones. Try the least travelled time to save unnecessary expenses.

Pick the correct destination: it’s very important to choose the right location or the point of interest you are traveling to, to skip the heavy pocket expenses on the transportation and the sightseeing necessities.

No Eating Out: we are not saying you should not try the local dishes and specialties of the mouthwatering Croatian cuisines, if you want to experience the most of it. Try eating in the local restaurants or bars (for drinks) rather than eating in the tourist famous places.

Take the Ferry ride: easiest way other than hitchhiking is to go for the ferry rides, because to be true, hitchhiking doesn’t always work positively, but ferry rides do, and now it’s available for the cheapest prices.

These are not all of the cheapest tips and tricks that could be opted for a low budget travel, many more could be stated. But they are guaranteed to be most helpful and pocket-friendly ideas that can save you the maximum.


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