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Conscious Sedation and its Advantages for Nervous Patients

Regular visits to the dentist are important parts of maintaining good dental health. Aside from going to the dentist for regular dental check-ups, these visits may also be necessary for dental problems which require immediate attention for the proper diagnosis and the corresponding treatments. The dental visits can spell the difference between getting a treatment in the earliest stages of a dental problem, and suffering through a painful time when the problem gets more complicated without the proper treatment.

However, not everyone is completely willing to go to the dentist for consultations, examinations, or treatments of any kind. There are a lot of individuals who feel frightened with the mere thought of going to the dentist for even the simplest of check-ups. This dental fear may be the result of previous negative experiences, a fear of needles or injections, fear of the dentist himself, fear of the dental drill, and various other factors. It is not uncommon to hear of nervous patients who do whatever it takes just to avoid going to the dentist. In some cases, anxious patients only go to the dentist when their dental problem has already worsened, or when the pain becomes intolerable – at which point, the problem may have become more complicated and much harder to treat.

Individuals suffering from dental anxiety can have a comfortable dental treatment or dental visit, with the help of conscious IV sedation. This is a nervous patient care option that makes it possible for fearful patients to go through the entire dental visit and/or treatment, without experiencing the negative effects of dental anxiety. The sedative it administered through an IV line connected to the inside of a patient’s arm, or on the hand. Conscious sedation is completely safe as it is administered and supervised by a qualified, highly-experienced anaesthetist, who will monitor the patient throughout the entire procedure. As the sedative begins to work, the patient will feel completely relaxed and free from anxiety, so the treatment can go smoothly without the patient suffering from anxiety – and the with the dentist free to concentrate on the procedure that needs to be done. The patient will be sleepily relaxed, but will remain conscious while being sedated so he or she will still be able to understand all of the instructions or guidelines that the dentist gives. Any unpleasant parts of the treatment will not be remembered even after the sedative wears off, leaving the patient with an overall pleasant dental treatment experience.


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