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How to become a pilot – Read on to find out!

Dream to fly high is synonymous to all and sundry. Every individual wants to reach the top of the career. However, there is one career option which lets you fly across the country and globe – commercial pilot. Being a commercial pilot lets you visit different countries, meet and greet people from diverse cultures. However, there are certain responsibilities as well that one has to shoulder. If you are looking forward to career in aviation and how to become a pilot is the question worrying you then reading further might help you make a well-informed and right decision. So, find out how to become a pilot.

There are several reasons people want to become pilot. For some, flying high becomes sheer enjoyment and fun while for others it is a profession and passion. Flying above all is an excitement which cannot be expressed in words or few. No matter what your reason is to become a pilot, it is important for you to know that there are certain steps which you need to abide to in order to become certified pilot. These include education, training qualifying and last, licensing.

To begin with, you need to decide what kind of flying you will be doing. It will help in determining the level of pilot license you will require. There are four basic kinds of licenses to become pilot.

• Recreational Pilot –This license allows a pilot to fly with family and friends aboard however within the country in which the permit is issued.
• Private Pilot –It also permits a pilot to fly with family and friends on board, however it is valid across the world.
• Commercial pilot –it permits the licensee to fly jet aircrafts commercially, however not as a captain.
• Airline transport pilot - It allows the pilot to fly aircraft across the globe as pilot with passengers on board.
In addition to the categories of pilot license, there is also availability of certifications needed on the basis of the type of aircraft to be flied
• Instrument rating – It allows the pilot to fly at night, in poor weather and clouds.

• Instructor rating – It enables the holder to teach aspiring pilots to fly.
• Multi-Engine rating – The licensee is allowed to fly aircraft having multi-engines.
• Float Rating – The holder of this certificate is licensed to take off as well as land on water in an aircraft which is equipped with floats.

There are other pre-requisites as well to be eligible to fly as pilot. It includes having an excellent command over spoken and written English as it is used universally across the globe by support staff and airport controllers. Also, all aspiring pilots must have completed basic education with strong base in physics and maths. The minimum age to fly as pilot is 16 years of age and one has to clear medical examination to get an admission in a reputed flight training academy.
Above information answers some of the most important questions related to how to become a pilot.

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