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Complete Guide To Tenancy Details In Oakland And San Francisco

Who is called a tenant?

When a person holds, dwells inside or acquires any land or property through any right or title specifically from a landlord under lease and has to pay rent of fixed amount against it, then this person is known as a tenant.

What is meant by rental services?

Rental services mean the services against which the possessor obtains payment from the tenant in return for engaging or using the service. The rental services can either be residential or commercial. The proprietor of the rental service may be authorized to receive definite tax deductions like mortgage interest and depreciation.

The rental services are offered by many companies in San Francisco. They offer best services in a wide range as per the prices affordable by the tenant and his requirements and preferences.

What is tenant screening?

Tenant screening is also referred as renter screening. A proprietor usually has to face the difficulty of choosing the right and a responsible tenant for their services. One fine way to cut out the irresponsible tenants is to carry out tenant screening Oakland or tenant screening San Francisco. There are 2 types of report that are helpful for tenant screening.

The first report is Credit Report. In this, many various reports can be referred and considered while searching the tenant as per the needs and requirements of the proprietor. A Credit report gives detailed information about the tenant’s full credit profile, credit score, bankruptcies, previous address details and much more necessary information can be availed.

The second report is Full Report. A full report provides the full rental history. It covers not only the information provided in the credit report but also contains employer verification, criminal record, evictions, verifications of prior and existing owners and collection records.

A business report contains individual and trade credit reports.

The Tenant screening services are provided by many companies. One should always use a wise company to get the service as if not done the tenant screening properly then one might face difficulty in the long run.

What do you mean by rental background checks?

One bad tenant can cause huge losses to the owner. He might lead an owner to lose not only his rental income but even his name and property too at times. To avoid this, it becomes necessary that the owner does the rental background checks beforehand.

One can easily know with the help of the reports that what is the renter’s background and by verifying the details one can know whether the renter is telling the truth or not.

With the help of rental checking the owner can know whether the tenant can harm the property or has been hiding any bad records he possesses. And after cross checking the information from the reports a final conclusion can be drawn if the applicant can turn into a good tenant or not.

By checking the rental background the proprietor may become aware regarding the character, behaviour and personality of the applicant. He might even know how the applicant behaved with his prior creditors and other existing creditors.


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