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Different Kinds Of Maxillofacial Surgery

There can be different kinds of dental and facial problems for which maxillofacial surgery might be required. These range from deformities of the jaw or overbites as well as oral and facial tumors. The surgery of this type involves diagnosis, operational procedures and follow up care for the patients. They might also require alterations to the jaw or the mouth region for different cosmetic or functional purposes. These procedures are done by a maxillo-facial and oral surgeon for removing wisdom teeth is severely impacted or any other teeth which might be hard to extract by using common dental procedures.

The surgery conducted by a maxillo-facial and oral surgeon involves special expertise. Not only do these medical specialists have a background in dentistry but also undergo specialized surgical training in order to conduct different kinds of maxillofacial procedures. The doctors who wish to specialize in these fields need to complete their basis dentistry and then embark in additional and specialized training. Usually they need to undergo residency in such specialization in a clinic or hospital before they can practice independently.

Dental issues

There are different kinds of dental issues which lead to the requirement of maxillofacial surgery. If a tooth is not extracted by normal procedures, it might call for such expertise. In certain cases teeth that is below the gums might pose a threat and the growth of other teeth. The other kinds of dental problems are periodontal diseases or abscesses as well as tooth decay. Dental implants like the addition of prosthetic teeth are also done by maxillofacial surgical procedures.

Jaw deformities

Often a maxillo-facial surgeon in Pretoria will be needed to correct overbites that are birth defects. There can be other forms of deformities of the jaw like irregularities that might have occurred as a result of healing after a trauma or accident. The hard and soft tissues of the area are manipulated to correct the situation. The condition type varies and the surgery is required as a practical intervention to allow normal health and functioning to be restored. In other cases the correction might be to enhance the physical appearance of a patient.


Other areas where a maxillo-facial surgeon in Pretoria would be required to intervene would be in cases of oral and facial tumors. The tumors might be cancerous and surgery might be scheduled by an oncologist. The surgeons also perform a routine examination of the area and they might be able to find tumors that are not evident to the patient. Some of these surgeries can be conducted by general anesthesia while in other cases local anesthesia suffices. The patient is given several options to manage pain and discomfort during and after the surgery. These are the areas where the expertise of these surgeons come into play. One can look up specialists in their area by referring to online directories and finding out those who are renowned or attached with certain clinics and hospitals.

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